Two New Book Summaries

Today you get two book summaries.  Enjoy!

each little bird that sings

Book Title:  Each Little Bird That Sings
Author: Deborah Wiles
Illustrator:  None

Comfort Snowburger lives in Snapfinger, Mississippi with her siblings Tidings and Merry, Uncle Edisto, Aunt Florentine, her parents and her dog, Dismay.  Their house is a funeral home, so Comfort knows how to deal with death.  She writes the obituaries and sends them to Mr. Johnson, who owns the company that makes The Aurora Country News which is the newspaper.  His daughter, Declaration Johnson, is Comfort’s best friend.  But after Great, Great Aunt Florentine drops dead in the garden everything starts to go wrong.  Declaration leaves Comfort to go hang out with mean girls and starts to criticize her every single time she sees her!  Aunt Goldie and ANNOYING eight year old cousin Peach Shuggars comes to visit.  Then poor Dismay drowns in the creek by Listening Rock.  They all hold a memorial service for him and she and Declaration make up.  Out of all this chaos Comfort comes to realize that this is the way of life.  She always remembers the family’s motto, “We live to serve.”


hank the cowdog

Book Title:  The Original Adventures Of Hank the Cowdog
Author:  John R. Erickson
Illustrator:  Gerald L. Holmes

Hank is a cowdog who is Head of Ranch Security.  But when there’s been a murder on the ranch he and his partner Drover can’t believe they’ve slept through it!  Hank then goes undercover searching every crack and crevice for the murderer.  When examining the dead chicken Hank is accused of killing it by his owners, Sally May and Loper.  Hank then decides to hit the road. He walks and finally finds some coyotes to hang out with.  When they all have the idea to kill Drover and more chickens, Hank follows them, then warns Drover who is soon later attacked by them.  Loper comes out and shoots.  The chickens and Drover are saved.  Loper is happy to see his dog back on the farm.

Outfit of the Day

Here I am wearing one of my favorite outfits. Check it out.


Tank Top – Copper Key – Dillard’s Department Store (old)
Girls’ Sophie Embroidered Dot Cardigan – Lands’ End
Beaucoup Tutu – Hanna Andersson (old)
Microfiber Capri Tights – Hanna Andersson (old)
Shoes – Converse Marimekko (old)


Land’s End


Converse Marimekko


Hanna Andersson

Another Busy Weekend of Dance

Hi everybody. Well, it’s been another busy weekend for me with dance. On Thursday, our last dance competition of the year started. Today is the last day. I went on Thursday and Friday evenings to see other girls in my studio perform. They all had solos. Then yesterday, I had a 7:30 a.m. call time and my duet partner and I danced Strongest Suit just after 8:00 a.m. Later on that afternoon we did our Knock on Wood group dance and then Postman. Tonight we are doing Beetlejuice. We got platinum scores on all three of the dances that I was in yesterday, but we didn’t score in the overalls on any of them. Bummer! But, just like my parents and my dance teachers say, each competition is different. The judges are different and they are all looking for different things. Two weeks ago we scored big with Postman, winning first overall in our age group. We hoped to do the same thing again this weekend, but no such luck. We noticed that the dances that were winning this weekend were a lot of fast dances, hip hop, and a bunch of the big line dances, and oh…..I can’t forget about clogging. This weekend’s judges loved the clogging dances! We don’t clog at my studio, so I won’t be competing in a clogging number any time soon. Winning isn’t everything. Competitions can be fun and you get to see what the other studios are doing, so it’s okay. Today’s post is going to be short. You’ve seen my black and gold Strongest Suit costume and my green Knock on Wood costume in the April 13th post about our last competition and you saw my Beetlejuice costume in my April 14th post. The only competition costume that you haven’t seen is from Postman. Remember, we are dressed like postal workers and are dancing to Return to Sender by Elvis. Take a look.

Return to Sender

Return to Sender

Throwback Thursday Change-Up!

Hey everybody!  I’m baaaccckkk!  I still haven’t recovered from spending all day at the Arts Festival on Tuesday – on a field trip singing with the school choir and back to perform with my dance company that night.  At least I got a funnel cake, some Dippin’ Dots, and kettle corn out of the deal!  I had fun and we danced AWESOME!

Well it’s Thursday again and you know what that means.    Actually, I decided to do a Throwback Thursday Change-Up this week. I’ve been posting my old dance pictures, but after we performed and dressed up like characters from Broadway musicals for choir on Tuesday, it got me to thinking about how our music/choir teacher does a play with music in it for every grade every single year (kindergarten through fifth grade). Last year was our best play ever. I had the lead role, of course. Let me set the stage for you………. Last year, when I was in fourth grade, we did a play called the “Granny Awards.” The play is about Granny, who has retired from show business, and she has an awards show where she gives awards to all the best fairy tale characters.  I played Granny and the other kids dressed up like fairy tale characters like The Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, The Three Little Pigs, The Three Little Bears, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Fairy Godmother, and others.  The Best Villain Award went to The Big Bad Wolf.  The play had singing in it.

IMG_0228 croppedIMG_0234cropped








And best of all, we got to make commercials featuring fairy tale characters that the music teacher played during the “awards ceremony.”  Any student who wanted to make a commercial could make one and enter it.  I did a commercial where I played Princess Ainsley, a friend of Rapunzel’s, and what would I be selling in my commercial of course – hair products – Rapunzel hair products!  Rapunzel has a lot of hair.  She has to take good care of it to keep it shiny and long.  My dad filmed the commercial in my bedroom and I even got to do the Harlem Shake.  So, for this Throwback Thursday post I am changing things up – dance is out for this week and the Granny Awards are in!  Check out my commercial below.

Singing and Dancing at the Arts Festival

Hey everybody! Woo hoo! I got out of school early today. We went on a field trip today and my parents chaperoned, so they checked me out at the end of the trip and we got to come home. Funny thing is I wrote a blog post on April 6th talking about how my dance company rehearsed all weekend for our upcoming performance at the Arts Festival. Well, we are performing tonight, but our school field trip today was to……wait for it……the Arts Festival! So, yes, I am going twice today. It was actually a field trip/performance by the 4th and 5th grade Honors Choir. The choir performed for the whole school this morning at 9:00 a.m. Then we left to go to the Arts Festival. Our performance wasn’t until 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, so when we got there we broke into groups and walked around to look at the art. My parents had my group, of course. We ate lunch by the pond and fed the ducks. I gave them leftover bread from my sandwich. We played in the children’s playground, went to the craft tent to make kites and plant seeds that we could take home. I chose green bean seeds. We ate Kona Ice and toured the botanical gardens and greenhouse. Finally, we made canvas paintings. After that, it was time for us to perform. Our performance was a play/musical with Broadway musicals as the theme. There are about 50 of us kids in the choir. Each of us dressed up like a character from a Broadway musical and we sang famous songs from musicals. Kids dressed up like characters from Grease; Mary Poppins; Annie; Oklahoma; Wicked; The Wizard of Oz; Cats; Thirteen; Suessical, the Musical; The Sound of Music; Dreamgirls; Hairspray; Chicago; and a few more! Guess who I dressed up as………………….
DSCF0213-crop1 Do you like my flapper outfit from Chicago?
DSCF0214 dar
Well, I’m home now and going to take a nap. I have to go back to the Arts Festival tonight at 7:00 p.m. to dance. I am in nine numbers. I’m going to be really tired when I get home tonight. Good thing I don’t have any homework! Here are some other photos from the trip…..