What is Throwback Thursday?

Hi everybody, I’m back! So, when I first started talking to my parents about letting me do a blog I was telling them what I wanted to put on it and my brother said that I should have a “Throwback Thursday” section. I told him I don’t even know what that is and he told me that I am supposed to post an old picture of myself on my website every Thursday. But it was my mom who explained to me that Throwback Thursday comes from a slang term and that a throwback means something old. She said that a throwback was really talking about jerseys from sports teams and when people would wear really old ones from like the 70’s they would call them throwbacks. But then when people started using social media, a throwback came to mean posting an old picture of yourself. So I am posting my first Throwback Thursday picture today. Since I am only eleven, I’m not sure how much of a throwback my pictures will be, but I’ll give it a try.

image0_0001This is my first dance picture from when I was in kindergarten back in 2008 – 2009. I did a group ballet dance to the song, Sugarcane. I am a much better dancer now and I soooo do not look that funny anymore! Hope you like it.

Check out Missy Higgins Sugarcane: