Let’s Talk About Clothes………….

I like clothes! Some of the kids at school call me a “girly-girl.” I think they say it to annoy me, like they are making fun of me or something. But whenever they say it, I’m like “And…………I AM a girly-girl and proud of it!” Lots of girls are girly-girls. I’m not the only one. And why does it matter anyway? I like clothes. I like to dress up and I like to look cute. But, I like a lot of other things too. My blog site does say that I am a Bookworm, Arts & Crafts Fanatic and a Dancing Diva, but I am also a FASHIONISTA! Some of my favorite clothes to wear are dresses and leggings. You can dress them up or wear them casual and I have a lot of dresses and a lot of leggings! One of my favorite places to get dresses is the catalog Hanna Andersson. Check out one of their dresses below!

Hide and seek dress 4 Hide and seek dress 3

Dress:  Hide and Seek Dress in Navy – Hanna Andersson

Leggings:  Target (old)

Shoes:  Croft & Barrow Flats – Kohl’s (old)




I really love this dress because it actually has a hidden pattern of little foxes all over it. I didn’t even notice them until about the third time I wore it. I showed my mom and she hadn’t noticed it either. Anyway, my advice of the day is – whether you are a girly-girl or a tom boy, embrace it and keep reading my blog so you can see how I rock my girly-girl style! Good night!