It’s Throwback Thursday Again

Well, since the first Throwback Thursday picture I posted was my first dance picture from when I was in kindergarten, I decided to continue the trend and keep posting dance pictures every week until I run out.  Check out my dance pictures from first grade in 2009 – 2010.



The picture of me in the blue leotard and tutu was from my group ballet dance.  I don’t even remember the song that we danced to.  The second picture of me in that yellow leotard with shorts thing (which my mom hated, by the way……and I think I agree with her) was for our group jazz dance to the song, Slide.  The only lyrics I remember are “Boom Boom Slide……Boom Boom Slide to the Side!”  Wow!  That’s really cracking me up now!  I haven’t thought about that dance in a while.  I think I like Throwback Thursday’s!  Listen to Slide by clicking the link below.