Two New Book Summaries

Today you get two book summaries.  Enjoy!

each little bird that sings

Book Title:  Each Little Bird That Sings
Author: Deborah Wiles
Illustrator:  None

Comfort Snowburger lives in Snapfinger, Mississippi with her siblings Tidings and Merry, Uncle Edisto, Aunt Florentine, her parents and her dog, Dismay.  Their house is a funeral home, so Comfort knows how to deal with death.  She writes the obituaries and sends them to Mr. Johnson, who owns the company that makes The Aurora Country News which is the newspaper.  His daughter, Declaration Johnson, is Comfort’s best friend.  But after Great, Great Aunt Florentine drops dead in the garden everything starts to go wrong.  Declaration leaves Comfort to go hang out with mean girls and starts to criticize her every single time she sees her!  Aunt Goldie and ANNOYING eight year old cousin Peach Shuggars comes to visit.  Then poor Dismay drowns in the creek by Listening Rock.  They all hold a memorial service for him and she and Declaration make up.  Out of all this chaos Comfort comes to realize that this is the way of life.  She always remembers the family’s motto, “We live to serve.”


hank the cowdog

Book Title:  The Original Adventures Of Hank the Cowdog
Author:  John R. Erickson
Illustrator:  Gerald L. Holmes

Hank is a cowdog who is Head of Ranch Security.  But when there’s been a murder on the ranch he and his partner Drover can’t believe they’ve slept through it!  Hank then goes undercover searching every crack and crevice for the murderer.  When examining the dead chicken Hank is accused of killing it by his owners, Sally May and Loper.  Hank then decides to hit the road. He walks and finally finds some coyotes to hang out with.  When they all have the idea to kill Drover and more chickens, Hank follows them, then warns Drover who is soon later attacked by them.  Loper comes out and shoots.  The chickens and Drover are saved.  Loper is happy to see his dog back on the farm.