All About Sam Summary

I love to read. Here’s another book summary for you to enjoy.

Book Title:  All About Sam
Author:  Lois Lowry
Illustrator:  Diane deGroat

all about sam book coverUsually, Anastasia Krupnik is the star of the Anastasia Krupnik series by Louis Lowry. But this time the book, All About Sam, is told by Sam Krupnik, Anastasia’s little brother. This story is all about what Sam sees from birth to two years old. First, Sam is born. At the hospital he sees a woman whose name is Katherine, a man whose name is Myron, and a girl whose name is Anastasia. He didn’t know that this was his new family. They passed him around, laughing and talking about something called home. Trying to speak, everything sounded like, “Wahhhh.” Later, Sam was taken to his new crib in the Krupnik Pantry. He was fed oatmeal every day which he hated. To avoid eating, Sam turned his head and looked at the pictures on the wall in the Krupnik living room instead. Sam learned to talk by practicing every night in his crib. He learned to walk by practicing in the living room. Finally, he showed his family his talents, they were very impressed. Then the family moved out of their apartment and into a house. Sam was a very angry toddler. He didn’t want to move. “You can’t make me!” he’d shout, running away. He didn’t want to move, or wear training pants, or go to nursery school. In the story he ended up doing all of these things.

In nursery school he made a new best friend named Adam who had a spikey mohawk. “I want punk hair like Adam,” Sam had said to himself. “I hate my ugly curls.” Sam used his father’s shaving cream all over his face, grabbed some scissors and began to cut his curls. His mother found him in the bathroom with chunks of his hair cut out and it was no longer curly. His face was sticky with shaving cream which made his mother even angrier. She gave him the choice of getting spanked or laughing at the entire situation. He laughed and had to go to the barber shop every day for four weeks until his curls grew back. Sam did everything – from stealing Dentyne gum from the store, to bringing his father’s pipe to school for show and tell (and smoking it), from flushing his sister’s pet goldfish down the toilet, to coloring with his mother’s lip stick, and to finding a pet worm in his own back yard, naming it King Of Worms, making it a nice box, then entering it in a pet contest at the library and winning most invisible pet award! On top of all of that, Sam ate lots of green foods thinking he’d become a he-man. But Sam loved visiting his neighbor, Gertrustein, who was an older lady who lived alone, because she taught him flashlight tricks and she made cookies.