New Book Summary – Ida B. ….and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World

I’ve been off from dance for a whole week already, so I’ve been able to finish another book. Check out this summary for your reading pleasure!

Ida B Book Title: Ida B. ….and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World
Author: Katherine Hannigan
Illustrator: None

Evan and Ida Applewood are the parents to their only child, nine year old Ida B. Applewood. They live in a nice home in Wisconsin with an apple orchard where Ida B. is homeschooled by her parents and thinks that there is never enough time for fun. From sending notes up the brook, to talking to everything nature around her, Ida B. is always on the go. “What is life like in Canada?” said one of the notes. A teacher in the next town over got ahold of the notes and made her class write back lots of notes with facts about Canada. Talking to trees, Beulah, Charlie, Pastel, Henry the 8th, Viola, Paulie T., and Beatrice is always fun too. But all of her fun changes when her tree friends tell her trouble is coming her way. When she finds out it’s true, her world is turned upside down. Her mother gets cancer. Her dad had to sell some of their land to people who were moving into the area. He needed the money to help pay for the mom’s medical treatment and a lot of her tree friends had to be cut down to make way for the new houses being built. Ida B.’s mom is too sick and weak to teach Ida B. math and reading. Ida B.’s father is at home taking care of mama, plus doing chores, and all of the cooking is a handful so, Ida B. is forced to go to Ernest B. Lawson Elementary School to Ms. Washington’s fourth grade class.

Ida B. knows she’ll hate school right when her father tells her the news. So on her first day she only speaks when spoken to, she doesn’t play with anyone, and she wears all black too. But, Ida B. had gone to school before when she was in kindergarten. She didn’t like Ms. Myers’ kindergarten class where, instead of being Ida B., she was called Ida because the teacher refused to call her by a nickname like Ida B. After that Ida B. had been homeschooled ever since. Going to school Ida B. helps a kid named Ronnie with his multiplication and she creates a bond with Ms. Washington. She starts to love books because she gets to have expression like Ms. Washington does when she reads and Ida B. even gets to read to the entire class. She meets Claire, a girl who is in her class and her new neighbor. After trying to scare Claire and her little brother by making warning signs and screaming her head off at them to leave the orchard Ida B. knows what she must do…. …..apologize! Following behind her is Rufus, the dog, and Lulu, the cat. They have adventures with Ida B. such as getting locked in her bedroom and getting forced to listen to her read and watching as Ida’s mother’s hair fell out strand by strand then locks of it then all of it. Ida B. took it to her room to put under her pillow knowing her mother might die. How sad. In the end, Ida B.’s mom didn’t die. Ida B. loved her teacher and reading more than ever, she started to talk to the apple trees that weren’t cut down and the brook was still talking too. They all forgave her for not standing up for them when their friends were being cut down. “Sorry,” Ida B. said, hugging them all. Then her parents told her they would plant trees behind the house in the spring.