Last Day of School!!!

Hi everybody.  Well, today was the last day of school.  I spent all last night writing thank you notes to all my teachers from kindergarten through fifth grade and the specials teachers like the P.E. teacher and the music teacher and the art teacher and the librarian.  My mom went out and got them all gifts too.  In all there were 23 of them.  I think my mom was kind of sad that I’m leaving elementary school, because it means that she’s leaving elementary school too.  My brother is four years older than me, so he was already in elementary school when I got there.  My mom said that between the two of us, she’s had a child going to that school for the last ten years.  I’m the youngest, so there’s nobody left.  She gave gifts to all the teachers that me and my brother had over the years and brought little cupcakes for the office staff.  She also brought cupcakes for my class.

I delivered my gifts and thank you notes first thing this morning.  Then I went to the fifth grade doughnut breakfast.  We watched a movie and had a talent show (I danced, of course) and then we watched the fifth grade slide show.  It had pictures of all of us from kindergarten through this year in it!  I’m going to miss some of my friends because we aren’t all going to the same middle school next year, but I am excited for the summer and looking forward to middle school (I think).  Tonight we had our final event – it was a party hosted by some of the moms.  It was on a farm of one of the fifth grade girls.  She loves riding horses just as much as I love to dance.  Her parents own this farm and event center.  It is just about 10 minutes from where we live….not far at all.  She has like six horses, chickens, guinea pigs.  There was a pond and a barn and a little tiny house and a covered patio with an outdoor fireplace.  We played with the animals and ate food and danced.  It was fun.  Take a look at me all decked out in my “Going to a Farm Party” outfit.  Can’t go to a farm without your jeans and cowboy boots!  Farm or no farm, it’s not a party outfit without a big ol’ bow in your hair!  Pink to match my shirt.  Until next time………



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