The Velveteen Rabbit Summary

velveteen rabbitBook Title: The Velveteen Rabbit
Author: Margarey Williams
Illustrator: Michael Hague

On Christmas, a velveteen rabbit was given to a boy in his stocking. The boy played with the rabbit for a little bit, but soon got many other presents and forgot about him. The rabbit was then put away in the cupboard on the nursery floor. The rabbit was very shy around the other toys, for he was only made up of velveteen and stuffed with sawdust. The other expensive toys were snobby and mean because they were much, much nicer and more expensive than the velveteen rabbit. He only had one friend, Skin Horse, who was the oldest and wisest toy in the nursery. He was given to the boy as a present from his uncle. Skin Horse taught the rabbit what it meant to be “real.” “It means being loved until your eyes pop out, your hair comes out, and you lose all your color,” said Skin Horse, who had become “real” to the boy’s uncle years ago.

The velveteen rabbit then longed to be “real.” But that changed one night when the boy’s nana grabbed the rabbit at bedtime when the boy couldn’t find his china dog. The boy then remembered his rabbit and started to sleep with him every night (which was very uncomfortable to rabbit) and played with him every day. Rabbit became “real” to the boy. His velveteen was rubbed off, he started to fall apart. One day rabbit was set down behind the boy’s house by the forest when two rabbits came across him. “You’re just a toy,” they snickered making rabbit cry. When the boy got Scarlett Fever the doctor ordered the family to burn all of the boy’s belongings at once, including rabbit! When rabbit was outside in a bag with the other items that the boy had touched while being sick waiting to be burned, a magic fairy came along. Poof! She made rabbit into a living rabbit. He was so happy he hopped around and went right up to the rabbits who had made fun of him before. “Look at me now,” he snickered, “I AM real.” Then days later the boy who was now well saw rabbit. “Hey, that looks like my old bunny!” he said. But he never found out…….it actually was!