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I love to dance.  If you’ve been reading my blog over the last two months, you know that about me for sure.  I have been going to a medium sized recreational studio for five years now and I am in the Company.  We do special performances around town and we compete in dance competitions.  I take ballet, jazz, and tap primarily.  I have been in pointe/pre-pointe for a year now and we perform dances in those styles as well as musical theater, lyrical, and hip-hop.  I have been thinking for a while about what it would be like to pursue dance more seriously, maybe even as a career, to train real hard and perfect my technique and study dance in college.  I know that dancers don’t have long careers, so I’d have to be able to do something else when I stopped dancing.  In that way, dancers are like athletes.  I am considering leaving my studio that I love and all of the girls that I’ve been dancing with over the last few years to go to the dance school run by our city’s ballet company.  I think that they take dance more seriously and they are training students to be dancers when they grow up.  They also do not consider themselves to be recreational and they don’t do stuff like dance competitions.

Dance started up again this week, summer classes.  We are also busy re-choreographing, re-blocking, and rehearsing our dances for Disney World.  We’re going there to dance in July.  I think after the Disney trip, I am going to leave my studio.  I am scared and I am excited all at the same time.  I have already invested six years in dance and I spend A LOT of time at the studio as it is.  I believe that I want to study ballet full-time and focus on being a better dancer so I can see how far I can go.  I visited the new studio about a month ago and took a class.  I have all my enrollment papers filled out.  I will have to tell my teachers and the girls that I dance with.  Maybe one day I can be like Misty Copeland.  For those of you who don’t know who Misty Copeland is, she is the third African American female soloist for the American Ballet Theatre (ABT).  Anne Benna Sims and Nora Kimball were the first two soloists at the ABT.  They danced there in the early and mid-1980s, making Misty Copeland the first in twenty years.  Misty Copeland was born September 10, 1982.  The American Ballet Theatre is considered one of the three leading classical ballet companies in the United States.  The other two are the New York City Ballet and the San Francisco Ballet.  People say that Misty Copeland is a prodigy because she didn’t take her first ballet class until she was thirteen at a Boys and Girls Club.  After three months of studying ballet, she was already en pointe.  By the time she was fifteen, she was winning dance awards and getting offers to dance professionally.  She joined the ABT Studio Company in September 2000, and became a member of its Corps de ballet in 2001.  In August 2007 Misty Copeland became a soloist with the ABT.  I don’t know if I have what it takes to do what Misty Copeland has done, but if I am ever going to find out, I have to try something new.  Wish me luck!