Last Day of School!!!

Hi everybody.  Well, today was the last day of school.  I spent all last night writing thank you notes to all my teachers from kindergarten through fifth grade and the specials teachers like the P.E. teacher and the music teacher and the art teacher and the librarian.  My mom went out and got them all gifts too.  In all there were 23 of them.  I think my mom was kind of sad that I’m leaving elementary school, because it means that she’s leaving elementary school too.  My brother is four years older than me, so he was already in elementary school when I got there.  My mom said that between the two of us, she’s had a child going to that school for the last ten years.  I’m the youngest, so there’s nobody left.  She gave gifts to all the teachers that me and my brother had over the years and brought little cupcakes for the office staff.  She also brought cupcakes for my class.

I delivered my gifts and thank you notes first thing this morning.  Then I went to the fifth grade doughnut breakfast.  We watched a movie and had a talent show (I danced, of course) and then we watched the fifth grade slide show.  It had pictures of all of us from kindergarten through this year in it!  I’m going to miss some of my friends because we aren’t all going to the same middle school next year, but I am excited for the summer and looking forward to middle school (I think).  Tonight we had our final event – it was a party hosted by some of the moms.  It was on a farm of one of the fifth grade girls.  She loves riding horses just as much as I love to dance.  Her parents own this farm and event center.  It is just about 10 minutes from where we live….not far at all.  She has like six horses, chickens, guinea pigs.  There was a pond and a barn and a little tiny house and a covered patio with an outdoor fireplace.  We played with the animals and ate food and danced.  It was fun.  Take a look at me all decked out in my “Going to a Farm Party” outfit.  Can’t go to a farm without your jeans and cowboy boots!  Farm or no farm, it’s not a party outfit without a big ol’ bow in your hair!  Pink to match my shirt.  Until next time………



Guess where I’m from?

Bye-Bye Elementary School – 5th Grade Graduation!!!!

Hi everybody,

Guess what?  Tomorrow is the last day of school!  It means bye-bye elementary school, hello middle school.  But, at least I have the summer to think about that middle school part.  Last night was the 5th grade graduation ceremony.  It wasn’t actually a graduation.  The principal said that they weren’t really allowed to call it a graduation, so they used the word “promotion” instead of “graduation.”  Whatever they want to call it, I don’t care.  Graduate me, promote me, either way I am out of elementary school after six years (kindergarten through 5th grade)!!  I got recognized for a lot of the activities that I participated in this year, like Science Olympiad, Dolphin Society (dolphins are my school’s mascot), 100-Mile Program, Ballroom Dancing, Sequoyah Book Club, Battle of the Books Competition, Track, and Honor Choir.  I didn’t have perfect attendance though.  Hey, some of us get sick on occasion!  Stuff happens.  But, the best part of all was that I got the Citizen of the Year Award for my class.  The teachers picked one boy and one girl from each of the three 5th grade classes for this award and I got one!!!  I got a trophy.  It was AWESOME!!!!  Also, I got a new dress and shoes for the ceremony, of course.  You know I had to look my stylish best for such a special occasion.  Check out the pictures below.

So, apparently I am in the high school graduating class of 2021.

Here I am with my Citizen of the Year trophy and my “graduation” certificate.





I’m “killing it” in my fancy dress!


Kids Dream Gold Sequin Double Mesh Flower Girl Dress from

This is a close up of the dress. Oh, and look at my headband. More about that later.





















Gold shoes with sparkly jewels on top and gold glitter on the bottom to match my dress!  Nine West Faycie Satin Flat in Gold from


Lace Wedding Bridal HeadpieceMy pretty ivory headband!  I love this the most!  Lace Wedding Bridal Headpiece from LightInTheBox.Com

New Book Summary – Ida B. ….and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World

I’ve been off from dance for a whole week already, so I’ve been able to finish another book. Check out this summary for your reading pleasure!

Ida B Book Title: Ida B. ….and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World
Author: Katherine Hannigan
Illustrator: None

Evan and Ida Applewood are the parents to their only child, nine year old Ida B. Applewood. They live in a nice home in Wisconsin with an apple orchard where Ida B. is homeschooled by her parents and thinks that there is never enough time for fun. From sending notes up the brook, to talking to everything nature around her, Ida B. is always on the go. “What is life like in Canada?” said one of the notes. A teacher in the next town over got ahold of the notes and made her class write back lots of notes with facts about Canada. Talking to trees, Beulah, Charlie, Pastel, Henry the 8th, Viola, Paulie T., and Beatrice is always fun too. But all of her fun changes when her tree friends tell her trouble is coming her way. When she finds out it’s true, her world is turned upside down. Her mother gets cancer. Her dad had to sell some of their land to people who were moving into the area. He needed the money to help pay for the mom’s medical treatment and a lot of her tree friends had to be cut down to make way for the new houses being built. Ida B.’s mom is too sick and weak to teach Ida B. math and reading. Ida B.’s father is at home taking care of mama, plus doing chores, and all of the cooking is a handful so, Ida B. is forced to go to Ernest B. Lawson Elementary School to Ms. Washington’s fourth grade class.

Ida B. knows she’ll hate school right when her father tells her the news. So on her first day she only speaks when spoken to, she doesn’t play with anyone, and she wears all black too. But, Ida B. had gone to school before when she was in kindergarten. She didn’t like Ms. Myers’ kindergarten class where, instead of being Ida B., she was called Ida because the teacher refused to call her by a nickname like Ida B. After that Ida B. had been homeschooled ever since. Going to school Ida B. helps a kid named Ronnie with his multiplication and she creates a bond with Ms. Washington. She starts to love books because she gets to have expression like Ms. Washington does when she reads and Ida B. even gets to read to the entire class. She meets Claire, a girl who is in her class and her new neighbor. After trying to scare Claire and her little brother by making warning signs and screaming her head off at them to leave the orchard Ida B. knows what she must do…. …..apologize! Following behind her is Rufus, the dog, and Lulu, the cat. They have adventures with Ida B. such as getting locked in her bedroom and getting forced to listen to her read and watching as Ida’s mother’s hair fell out strand by strand then locks of it then all of it. Ida B. took it to her room to put under her pillow knowing her mother might die. How sad. In the end, Ida B.’s mom didn’t die. Ida B. loved her teacher and reading more than ever, she started to talk to the apple trees that weren’t cut down and the brook was still talking too. They all forgave her for not standing up for them when their friends were being cut down. “Sorry,” Ida B. said, hugging them all. Then her parents told her they would plant trees behind the house in the spring.

More Outfits with My Land’s End Jeans

Land’s End colored 5-pocket pencil leg jeans paired with


Takara gold studded heart sweatshirt – Dillard’s Department Store


Takara gold studded heart sweatshirt closeup

Land’s End colored 5-pocket pencil leg jeans paired with


Copper Key silver sequin striped long sleeve t-shirt – Dillard’s Department Store


Land’s End long sleeve chambray Ellie shirt

Land’s End colored 5-pocket pencil leg jeans paired with


Total Girl horse print sleeveless blouse – J.C. Penney Department Store and braided belt – Dillard’s Department Store


Total Girl horse print sleeveless blouse and braided belt closeup

Me and My Land’s End Jeans – What’s Your Style Profile???

I think that everybody has their own style profile. What I mean by that is that you know what kinds of clothes you like wearing, but also know what looks good on you. My mom taught me that. She always says that there are certain clothes that she really likes how they look, but she may not wear them because they may not look good on her. At the same time, she says that it is important to know what does look good on you and to choose more of those clothes when you are shopping. So, my first rule of creating your own style profile is to find out what you like. Rule number two is to find what looks good on you. Rule number three is to make it your own and rock it! As long as it is appropriate for school and it passes dress code and you like it and it makes you feel good, wear it. When my mom and I are shopping for clothes for me, whether we go to the mall or shop online, we find what I like and what looks good on me and then we buy a lot of it. As you have already seen, I love, love, love dresses and leggings and flats. But, I have lots of outfits where I find one thing that I like and that fits me well and then we buy it in lots of colors. So, today’s blog post is dedicated to my Land’s End jeans. I have a pair of colored 5-pocket denim jeans in white and two pair of colored 5-pocket pencil leg jeans in soft rosehip (pink) and rich cherry (red). Check out all the outfits I can make with my white jeans.

Land’s End colored 5-pocket denim jeans paired with

Copper Key Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Dillard’s Department

Copper Key Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Dillard’s Department Store,  Scarf – Target

Copper Key Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Dillard’s Department Store, Total Girl Jacket – Dillard’s Department Store

Copper Key Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Dillard’s Department Store, Total Girl Jacket – Dillard’s Department Store


Check out the elbow patches.

Land’s End colored 5-pocket denim jeans paired with

Justice Department Store Hoodie

Justice Department Store Hoodie

American Girl T-Shirt

American Girl T-Shirt

Land’s End colored 5-pocket denim jeans paired with

GB Girls Chevron Blouse – Dillard’s Department Store

GB Girls Chevron Blouse – Dillard’s Department Store

I wanted you to see the key hole cut out in the back.













Can’t wait to show you the outfits I made with my pink and red Land’s End jeans! Tune in tomorrow.