Dance Banquet, Sour Patch Kids, and Pixie Stix!

Last night was the end of year dance banquet for all the Company girls.  It was held in the recreation building of a church that one of the girls I dance with goes to.  Her dad is the pastor there.  We had lots of food and music and took pictures.  My favorite part was the candy on the tables.  Sour Patch Kids and Pixie Stix – two of my favorite things!  Almost everybody was there.  Our parents and brothers and sisters attended too.  My mom and dad and older brother came.  Although, my brother spent most of the time on his iPhone.  We also received awards for our hard work during the year.  I got two awards – Ms. Flexibility and Most Improved!  And you know what the other best part about the night was…..I got to dress up.  I got to wear my gold sparkly dress and shoes again, the one I wore to 5th Grade Graduation a few weeks ago.

Sour Patch CandySour Patch Candy 2 Pixie Stix 025 Here I am striking my best ballet pose.

Peral Bridal Headband

Like my new headband?  It’s called Elegant Rhinestone and Imitation Pearl Bridal Headband/Headpiece from LightInTheBox.Com.