Don’t Forget About the Hair Accessories

My hair is really thick and long and naturally curly and wavy and frizzy and sometimes just plain old crazy.  And often it is OUT OF CONTROL!  I have really big hair, but I don’t care.  I like to wear it in different styles.  Sometimes my mom takes me to the salon to get my hair flat ironed and it usually takes whoever is doing it two to three hours to wash and straighten it.  I have lots and lots of hair accessories.  I couldn’t call myself a FASHIONISTA if I only paid attention to my clothes and neglected my hair.  I need hair accessories to complete all of my outfits and I also need them to control my big, beautiful locks.  I have a bunch of bows – big bows and small bows, headbands, ribbons, barrettes, hair ties, and bobby pins – plain ones and jeweled ones and pins with bows at the ends.  My Caboodle isn’t big enough to hold all of the stuff I use on my hair, so I use a second container to hold only my hair bands, all organized in drawers by color and size.  My mom said it’s a part-time job trying to keep up with all my hair stuff!  I like to wear my hair down, partly up and partly down, in a ponytail or two or in a braid.  When I dance, I have to wear my hair in a bun.  I love my hair and I love my hair accessories, and I am glad that I have them because they help me to tame my long, lovely mane!  And remember girls, you can never go wrong with a big old bow planted right on the top of your head!

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