Divergent Book Summary

Hi everybody, I’m back!  I’ve been gone for a couple of days because I’ve been busy dancing and getting ready to go to Disney World next month.  My studio is dancing in Downtown Disney!  Me, my mom, dad, sister, and brother are all going for a week-long family vacation.  I can’t wait.  In the meantime, how about another book summary?  I promise you’re gonna love it.

Divergent Book Title: Divergent

 Author: Veronica Roth

 Illustrator:  None

Beatrice Prior lives in a dystopian Chicago world.  Society is divided into five factions. They were created after the war to keep peace among the people.  The five factions are Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, and Erudite.  The Abnegation faction is made up of people who are selfless.  They wear gray and they eat plain food, they dress plain, and they are never conscious of the way they look.  They don’t even use mirrors.  Amity is the peace faction. They wear red and yellow and are farmers.  Candor is the honest faction.  They wear black and white and are truthful about everything!  The Dauntless are the brave.  They wear black and they are thrill seekers.  They get tattoos, jump trains and climb buildings.  Last are the Erudite who are the intelligent faction.  They wear blue. Beatrice was born Abnegation and she lives with her parents and her brother, Caleb, who is just a few months older than her.  On the day of the Choosing Ceremony all sixteen year olds must choose the faction that they will devote the rest of their lives to.

Everyone fears betraying their parents by not choosing their family’s faction, but they are also afraid of becoming factionless.  The Factionless live in poverty.  They are homeless and live on the streets.  But there is also something called Divergent.  The Divergent are not a faction; they are different.  They are made up of characteristics of all the factions and people think they are dangerous to society, especially the Erudite, who want to exterminate the Divergent.  Beatrice undergoes lots of different tests to figure out which faction she would best fit into.  She found out that she fit into a lot of the factions.  The teacher, Tori, figures out that Beatrice could be Divergent.  Eventually, Beatrice chose Dauntless and Caleb chose Erudite.  Although Beatrice chooses a different faction from her brother and the rest of her family she is still somewhat happy, but scared out of her wits.  Her parents are devastated, however.  She changes her name to Tris and she meets Four, who is her teacher.  Four is Divergent.  After she chose Dauntless, she took even more tests to figure out what her fears were and Four was coaching her.  He discovered that she was Divergent, but told her that he would keep it a secret.  Then they became boyfriend and girlfriend.

The leader of the Erudite was named Jeanine.  Jeanine wanted to kill all of the Divergent.  Jeanine formed an army and decided to inject everybody with a serum to see who is and isn’t Divergent.  After being injected, the Erudite would give a series of commands.  Those that didn’t talk and followed the commands obediently were not Divergent.  Those who stayed conscious and alert after being injected with the serum were Divergent.  Tris stayed alert and Jeanine discovered that she was Divergent.  Jeanine started a war to kill all the Divergent.  She also noticed that most of the Divergent came from the Abnegation faction, so she thought they were messing everything up and wanted to kill them too.  Tris fought in the war.  She makes new friends and also enemies, but she still manages to survive the torture and pain she has to endure trying to escape Jeanine’s war against the Divergent.  Who doesn’t know that Divergent is a major motion picture that came out this past spring starring Shailene Woodley as Beatrice? My sister took me to see it over Spring Break.

If you are one of the two people left on earth that hasn’t seen the movie, I recommend that you go see it.  The movie was AWESOME, but the book is even better!