Judy Blume Summer Reading Challenge – Freckle Juice and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Book Summaries

It’s been a really busy summer! I can’t believe the Fourth of July has already come and gone. Back in June, I told you that I’d selected fifteen of Judy Blume’s best books for tweens and teens and that I was going to read them and share summaries with you over the summer. Bet you thought I’d forgotten. Well, I haven’t! In between dancing, getting ready for Disney World (we leave in a week, by the way), putting together cute outfits, playing, and crafting………..I’ve been reading! Here they are….my first two summaries. Hope you like them!

Freckle JuiceBook Title: Freckle Juice
Author: Judy Blume
Illustrator: Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Nicky Lane is covered with freckles, and Andrew Marcus is very jealous. Andrew wishes he had freckles like Nicky. If he was covered in freckles his mother wouldn’t know if he washed or not. His mother doesn’t let him leave until he washes, which always makes him late! Andrew wants freckles so bad he can’t concentrate in class because he is always counting the freckles on the back of Nicky’s neck. Nicky has 68 freckles. Andrew knew that if he had his own freckles he would stop getting in trouble for not paying attention to his teacher Miss Kelly. Andrew decides to ask Nicky how he got his freckles. Nicky tells Andrew that people are just born with them. Sharon, who hears the conversation, tells Andrew that she has a secret recipe for freckle juice. She promises to sell Andrew the recipe for fifty cents, which is five weeks’ worth of Andrew’s allowance! At first Andrew says no, but reconsiders when he realizes his mother won’t know when his neck is dirty because of his freckles. The next day in class, they make their trade.

When he gets home his mother is at the neighbor’s house, and he has just one hour to make his Freckle Juice which is made from grape juice, vinegar, mustard, mayonnaise, juice from a lemon, pepper, salt, ketchup, olive oil, and a speck of onion. “The faster you drink it, the faster you get freckles,” Andrew remembers Sharon saying. He soon realizes after gulping the mixture down that it does not gave him freckles but just a horrible stomach ache. His mother finds him and sends him to bed after scolding him for not cleaning up his food mess. The next day Andrew had to stay home from school in the morning, but got well enough to go back that afternoon. Andrew keeps checking but no freckles appear so, he decided to draw freckles with his ‘magic marker’ to prove Sharon wrong. All of the kids all laughed at Andrew’s blue freckles including Sharon. Miss Kelly told Andrew she has a secret recipe for freckle removal, and sends Andrew to the bathroom with a packet of face wipes. Andrew knows Miss Kelly is just trying to make him feel better. When Andrew comes back to class with no freckles Nicky asks Miss Kelly if he can have the recipe, too. Miss Kelly says no, because he looks wonderful just the way he is. Sharon tells Nicky that she has a secret freckle removing recipe that has been in her family for years, and that is why she doesn’t have any. She tells Nicky she will sell it to him for fifty cents. That Sharon!


Tales of a Fourth Grade NothingBook Title: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Author: Judy Blume
Illustrator: None

This book is told from the perspective of Peter Hatcher. Peter Hatcher is a nine year old who lives in New York City with his parents and his little brother, Farley, who they call Fudge. Peter has one problem – one problem he can’t get rid of. This problem is his two year old brother, Fudge, who will do anything for attention or to get what he wants. This makes Peter feel like a fourth grade nothing. When Peter won a turtle at his best friend, Jimmy Fargo’s, birthday party, Fudge wouldn’t stop touching it! Peter named the turtle Dribble and he had to keep it out of Fudge’s sight. That’s not all Fudge did. Peter’s dad works for the Juicy-O Company. Juicy-O is a type of juice. One night Peter’s dad came home saying that the president of the Juicy-O Company was coming all the way from Chicago and he was bringing his wife for dinner. Peter’s mom prepared all day for the Yarby’s visit. Fudge ended up eating flowers before they got there. As a result, the mom had to call the doctor, but Fudge ended up being all right. When the Yarby’s got there they brought Fudge a toy train and Peter a picture dictionary. The Yarby’s spent the night at the apartment. Fudge had been acting wild and disrespectful all evening. He scared Mrs. Yarby with Dribble, the turtle. He played with his toy train and made noise early in the morning.

The Yarby’s had had enough of Fudge, so when they went to get their suitcases to leave, they discovered Fudge sitting on top of it covering it in his mom’s collection of stamps. When Peter’s father lost the Juicy-O account, no one said it was Fudge’s fault. Peter’s father said it just gave him more time to work on the Toddle-Bike Company’s new commercial for the firm. Fudge even got to star in the commercial! Fudge even went through a phase where he wouldn’t eat. Peter’s dad had to pour a bowl of cereal on his head to get him to eat. There were times when Fudge threw a temper tantrum in the shoe store, or smeared mashed potatoes on the walls of Hamburger Heaven that Peter wanted to disappear. When Sheila Tubman (She lives in Peter’s apartment building and is in his class at school) said she wanted to babysit Fudge he ended up knocking out his two front teeth trying to fly. When Fudge had his third birthday he invited three kids from the apartment building over to his house. One kid threw up on the ground and fell asleep. One peed on the rug. And one kept throwing fits. It was the worst party ever! Lastly, Fudge swallowed Dribble. He was given medicine to poop him out and when he finally did Peter’s mother gave Fudge all sorts of presents! But, poor Dribble was dead! Finally, Peter got something better. He got a dog. He named him Turtle.