I Met Misty Copeland Today!!!

AWESOME day I had today!  I met Misty Copeland!  That’s right, THE Misty Copeland!  For those of you who don’t know who Misty Copeland is, I’ve blogged about her before.  She is the third African American female soloist in the history of the American Ballet Theatre.  She was in town today at our city’s ballet company/school – the one that I am going to start taking classes at this fall (actually, they start in August).  She was teaching one of their Summer Intensive classes and she had a book signing today.  I have her book and I am reading it right now, so you will see a book summary on it real soon.  Today she talked about her life.  She was one of six kids born to a single mother.  They were poor when she was growing up in California and they struggled a lot.  She was “discovered” during a ballet class at the Boys and Girls Club when she was thirteen, which is late to begin training as a ballerina.

She said that she worked really, really hard and within four years she was a professional dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, which is like unheard of!  She was really behind when she started and she took three ballet classes a day, six days a week for four years to get where she is today.  I think that is incredible!  She was talking about Project Plié, which is a program that teaches ballet to poor, minority students in Boys and Girls Clubs so that one day there will be more diversity in dance at the professional level.  I hope I can dance professionally one day.  Anyway, I sat on the front row with my parents to hear her talk and answer questions and then I was the first person in line at the book signing.  She signed two books for me and we took a picture together.  Take a look.

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