OOTD – Outfit of the Day for the Last Day in August!

Looking cute in my Disney tee and my brand new white Chucks!  As Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show would say, “OOOOOOOHHHHHH…………………..”

mordecai and rigby
Found on “troll.me”


Mickey Mouse V-Neck Tee – Walt Disney World
Colored 5-Pocket Denim Jeans – Land’s End
Chuck Taylor All Star Oxford Sneakers – DSW


DSCF1939b   DSCF1937b

More Judy Blume Book Summaries – Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. and Then Again, Maybe I Won’t

Only five books left in the Judy Blume Summer Reading Challenge.  Here are two more!

Are You There God It's Me MargaretBook Title:  Are you there God? It’s me Margaret.
Author:  Judy Blume
Illustrator:  None

Moving from New York to the New Jersey suburbs is already hard enough on twelve year old Margaret Simon.  Her mother Barbara is Christian and her father Herbert is Jewish.  Her parents say that they will support whatever religion she wants to follow, though both sides of her grandparents wants her to pick one or the other.  That’s not all that Margaret has to worry about.  She’s worried about starting sixth grade and making new friends.  After the move Margaret meets Nancy Wheeler who lives a few houses down on Morningbird Lane.  Nancy is also starting sixth grade just like Margaret.  Nancy doesn’t think about the same things as Margaret, like what religion she should choose or whether or not she will fit in at school.  Nancy is more focused on boys and she even practices kissing them on her pillow.  Nancy introduces Margaret to her friends Janie Loomis and Gretchen Potter.  They all decide to make a group named the Four Pre-Teen Sensations.  Nancy says they all have to have fake names in order to join the group.  In their group they do things like make boy books, talk about wearing bras, and getting their periods.  Margaret develops a crush on Phillip Leroy, a boy in her class.  The group also talks about Laura Danker, the girl in sixth grade who has started physically maturing.  With no one to turn to Margaret talks to God, always beginning the conversation with “Are you there God? It’s me Margaret.”  Margaret’s sixth-grade teacher, Mr. Benedict, asks the students to do a project on any subject that they want.  Margaret decides to choose religion.  Margaret does a lot of research and finally decided that parents should teach their children religion at a young age.  She writes a letter to her teacher instead of a report but she doesn’t include her talks with God in the letter.  Margaret turns 12 and goes to her very first school dance and her first party.  She gets her first bra and her first kiss with Phillip Leroy.  Margaret meets her mother’s parents for the first time and becomes mad with God that she cannot find a religion she feels right for.  She isn’t the first club member to get her period and feels that something is wrong with her.  Nancy lies about getting hers and Margaret finds out the truth later.  Margaret graduates from sixth grade.  She gets her period and she shares her excitement with God.  She is happy to finally be growing up.

Then Again Maybe I Won'tBook Title:  Then Again, Maybe I Won’t
Author:  Judy Blume
Illustrator:  None

Twelve-year-old Tony Miglione lives with his family in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Everything happens so fast when Tony’s dad finally sells an invention and gets rich!  He makes an electrical cartridge and sells it to an electronics company.  Tony, his parents, and his grandma move to a large home on Long Island.  Tony’s grandmother soon becomes depressed because she can’t cook meals for the family anymore due to the new housekeeper.  She is soon banned from the kitchen by Tony’s mom and starts to stay in her room all day.  Tony starts playing on the youth basketball team at his local Catholic church and meets Joel Hoober, who also lives next door.  Tony’s mother thought that Joel was an angel when she met him but Tony knows that that’s not the truth.  Joel steals in front of Tony all the time.  Joel makes prank calls and pushes Tony to do it.  Joel lies about most things.  He even gives Tony beer, vodka, scotch, rye, and brandy from his dad’s stash.  The boys drink too much and throw up in the bushes.  Tony has a horrible headache the next morning.  Tony is afraid to tell about Joel.  After watching Joel steal again, Tony’s stomach pain causes him to fall out on the sidewalk.  He’s put in the hospital and tested to see if he has any medical conditions.  The physicians find nothing wrong with Tony and refer him to a psychologist named Dr. Fogel.  Tony is finally able to speak openly about his stress with Dr. Fogel.  Although Tony doesn’t like Joel, he really likes his sixteen year old sister Lisa.  He starts having wet dreams about her and is afraid his parents and or housekeeper will find out.  For Christmas, Tony asks for binoculars and tells everyone he likes bird watching.  In reality, he wants to get a better view of Lisa because he can see her change her clothes from his window.  His dad tries to talk to him about sex, but ends up giving Tony a book it.  Tony thinks it’s because his brother Ralph and his wife, Angie, announce they’re pregnant.  They end up having a girl and naming her Vincenza after Tony and Ralph’s older brother Vincent who died in Vietnam a few years before.  In the end Tony watches Joel steal something yet again.  He turns him in after he is questioned by security.  Joel’s parents are told and later Tony is informed that Joel will be sent to military camp as punishment for his crime.


More Hair Styles – Love Your Hair

I complain about my hair.  It’s not easy to do.  It takes longer to style.  It gets frizzy really easy.  Getting it wet will ruin the style and I have to go through a lot to get it back smooth.  I can’t just go from curly hair to straight hair back to curly again in a single day.  I am still learning what works and what doesn’t.  I don’t even do my own hair, so my mom is teaching me so many things about how to take care of my hair and keep it healthy.  Sometimes it seems like a lot more trouble than it’s worth.  But, even with all of that, it’s MY hair and I love it.  Remember, learn to love yourself, even the things that are annoying!  And when my hair looks good, it looks REALLY good.  And I get a lot of compliments on it too.  Check out some more hair styles below.

Flat ironed straight with waves made by the curling iron, brushed back and topped off with an awesome flower headband



Flat ironed straight and brushed back with the top half in a ponytail and the bottom half down topped off with a giant pink hair bow



ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Well, friends, I did it!  I know it’s for charity, but I was still kinda hesitant to take up the challenge.  I had two friends nominate me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and though I put it off for more than the required 24 hours, I still did it and I’m proud of myself.  Also, I have $10 from my allowance that I am going to donate to ALS.  My mom and my dad are going to match it, so we are donating $30.  I wore three shower caps because……you know……my hair!  Black girl problems – but the hair thing didn’t stop me.  Check out my video below.

Ainsley – isms!

So, I have a few phrases that I like to say from time to time.  Well, maybe more than from time to time.  I think I probably say them a lot.  And apparently I use them so much that my mom calls them Ainsley – isms.  Here are a few of them.  Do you have any Ainsley – isms, phrases that you say so often that they make people automatically think of you?

Awww heck naw! – I use this phrase when saying no is simply not strong enough to get my point across.  Like for example, today, we were taking a pre-test in geography.  I was working away.  My pencil was just moving.  And then the girl sitting next to me goes, “You’re writing fast!  You know those answers, don’t you?”  And I said, “Yep!”  And then she goes, “Let me look at your paper.”  Girl, all I can say about that one is “Awww heck naw!”  I wasn’t gonna let her cheat off of my paper.  Do your own work.

You….know….what? – I use this one when people make rude comments and say things they shouldn’t.  Instead of getting mad about the stupid stuff and going off on them, I look at them with a smirk on my face and shake my head and then I say, “You….know….what?”  That lets them know they should keep their dumb comments to themselves because I don’t want to hear it.

That’s unconstitutional! – I used this one all last year on my fifth grade teacher and especially the P.E. teacher, Mr. Miller.  He wanted me to play dodge ball on days that I wore a dress to school and I told him, “That’s unconstitutional!”  It wasn’t really, but I was hoping that it would get me out of playing dodge ball.  And my teacher would send us out to the playground for recess when it was 95 degrees outside!  I don’t care for the outdoors and the heat, forget about it.  Well, when I would ask if I could stay in and read in the library and she would tell me no, I would say, “That’s unconstitutional!”  I always knew that it wasn’t, but you know……….

Oh….what???? – This is my favorite phrase of all.  Lots of kids like to brag and say things that aren’t true, like “I have $10,000 in the bank” or “I can beat LeBron James in basketball” or “I have a pet tiger at home.”  Oh….what????  That’s what I say when I don’t believe you.  It means, Really?  Stop exaggerating!