My “Mane” Attraction!

Hi everybody.  Today I want to talk about hair, or what my irritating brother calls my lion’s mane.  It seems like my hair is always such a big deal.  Doing my hair takes up a lot of my time, but only because it is connected to MY head.  What I should really say is that doing my hair takes up a lot of my mom’s time.  Part of the reason is because I have A LOT of it and the other part is because it just so happens (if you haven’t noticed by now) I’m a black girl.  And us black girls spend a lot of time on our hair!  And with a black girl’s hair comes a lot of issues!  My mom says that African-American/black women worry about their hair and white women worry about their weight.  All I know is that my hair always seems to take center stage and somehow becomes the “mane” attraction!  For example, in the pictures below, I had just come back from the salon the day before we left for our Disney World vacation.  We were trying a new stylist and it took her over three hours to wash, condition, blow dry, and flat iron my hair!  Yes, I sat there for over three hours getting my hair done.  And actually, that’s about normal since I started going to the salon about a year and a half ago.  And my mom says that finding a stylist who can do a black woman’s hair is like finding a hundred dollar bill under my pillow left by the tooth fairy!  At least where we live, there aren’t that many stylists who really know how to do hair like ours and as for the tooth fairy leaving me a hundred dollars……….NOT at my house!  Anyway, if I have something to do requiring me to fix up my hair, I had better plan ahead of time.  My mom wanted my hair to look good to perform at Disney, but getting it done a week ahead of the performance required that I be careful all week long to try to preserve the flat ironing.  We can flat iron at home, but the tools that they have at the salon allow the style to last a lot longer.

Unless, you are going to Florida where it is not only hot but HUMID with a capital H!!  But before you go to Florida, you spend a couple of days in New Orleans walking around the French Quarter sweating and watching your hair grow into a frizz ball!  Oh, and then when you get to Disney World it rains like crazy the first day and you think you are gonna need Noah’s Ark to get you out of there and back to the hotel!  All of this happened to me on my way to dancing at Disney.  Oh, and then all of your friends want you to come swim in the hotel pool or go to one of the water parks during the week leading up to the performance.  And I was like, “Awww, heck naw!  I can’t get my hair all wet in a swimming pool before I dance!”  And they are all like, “Why?”  And I’m all like, “Girl, I’m black!  I gotta protect my lion’s mane!”  That’s how the conversation goes every single time and I have A LOT of those conversations, but it’s okay.  It gets pretty funny and I am used to it.  By the time dance day came, my hair had held up pretty well and it was looking good for my performance!  We danced on a Friday evening and once I found the time to go swimming on Sunday, I spent the evening in the hotel pool!  So, it all worked out.  Such is the life of a little black girl trying to tame her lion’s mane!