So, I Got a Thing for Jewelry!

I love jewelry!  And I never leave home without it.  Most of my jewelry is inexpensive because I’m a kid.  I got most of it from Justice.  I love earrings and necklaces the most.  I have a set of breakfast food earrings with fried eggs and strips of bacon and toast.  I have pickle earrings and gummy bear earrings and earrings that look like colored pencils.





I also have a lot of necklaces.  I have a necklace that I bought from Etsy.  It has a rock, a piece of paper, and scissors hanging from a chain.  I also have feathers, a bottle of glitter, a strawberry with jewels on it, a teddy bear, headphones, the letter A, a little pink Chihuahua, stars, more gummy bears, a set of moustaches, a crystal ball, a cat, a fairy, a dolphin, and a rubber ducky bottle cap necklace.



IMG_0842 IMG_0843

I have two special pieces of jewelry that my big sister, Ashley, bought me.  The first one is a sterling silver charm bracelet.  I have a ballerina and a cell phone charm on it.  The other is a butterfly necklace.  It is 14K gold.  So, I only wear it for special occasions.

IMG_0850 IMG_0855

Finally, I have lots and lots of earrings in all colors – buttons, dolphins, round balls, koosh balls, silver sparkly bows, and several colors of pearls, owls, and rubber ducks, and flowers, and smiley faces, and too many more to even tell you about.  I keep all of my earrings in a cool jewelry box that my sister bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago from Pottery Barn Teen.  It’s called the Chloe Swivel Jewelry Storage in white.  So, as you can clearly see, I got a thing for jewelry, all right!  It’s one thing to have on a cute outfit, but if you have a special accessory or two it will make your clothes look even better!  For me, those accessories are always jewelry – earrings and a necklace.