Ainsley – isms!

So, I have a few phrases that I like to say from time to time.  Well, maybe more than from time to time.  I think I probably say them a lot.  And apparently I use them so much that my mom calls them Ainsley – isms.  Here are a few of them.  Do you have any Ainsley – isms, phrases that you say so often that they make people automatically think of you?

Awww heck naw! – I use this phrase when saying no is simply not strong enough to get my point across.  Like for example, today, we were taking a pre-test in geography.  I was working away.  My pencil was just moving.  And then the girl sitting next to me goes, “You’re writing fast!  You know those answers, don’t you?”  And I said, “Yep!”  And then she goes, “Let me look at your paper.”  Girl, all I can say about that one is “Awww heck naw!”  I wasn’t gonna let her cheat off of my paper.  Do your own work.

You….know….what? – I use this one when people make rude comments and say things they shouldn’t.  Instead of getting mad about the stupid stuff and going off on them, I look at them with a smirk on my face and shake my head and then I say, “You….know….what?”  That lets them know they should keep their dumb comments to themselves because I don’t want to hear it.

That’s unconstitutional! – I used this one all last year on my fifth grade teacher and especially the P.E. teacher, Mr. Miller.  He wanted me to play dodge ball on days that I wore a dress to school and I told him, “That’s unconstitutional!”  It wasn’t really, but I was hoping that it would get me out of playing dodge ball.  And my teacher would send us out to the playground for recess when it was 95 degrees outside!  I don’t care for the outdoors and the heat, forget about it.  Well, when I would ask if I could stay in and read in the library and she would tell me no, I would say, “That’s unconstitutional!”  I always knew that it wasn’t, but you know……….

Oh….what???? – This is my favorite phrase of all.  Lots of kids like to brag and say things that aren’t true, like “I have $10,000 in the bank” or “I can beat LeBron James in basketball” or “I have a pet tiger at home.”  Oh….what????  That’s what I say when I don’t believe you.  It means, Really?  Stop exaggerating!