Change Is Good, Even If It Does Put Me In A Salty Mood!

I’ve been in a bad mood since last week, or as my brother would say, “a salty mood.”  This middle school thing……I don’t even know!  Everything is so different from elementary school – the teachers, the school work, the other kids.  New rules, new ways of doing things, stupid lockers with stupid combination locks on them!  Even lunch is different!  There’s a lot about it that I don’t like.  My mom says that I’m just not used to it yet.  I’ve met a lot of kids that aren’t like me at all.  Some of them aren’t very nice and don’t care about their school work.  Also, I’m in band now and I have to learn to play the clarinet.  The pressure of it all!

I am also at a new dance studio, with a new schedule, new teachers, and it’s a totally different environment.  Things move more slowly because the focus is more on developing the individual dancer.  At my old studio the focus was on what’s good for the studio as a whole and learning choreography real fast so you can go to the next performance or the next competition.  I spend half the time in the studio now compared to what I used to, which I’m glad about.  But, being at a new studio also means that I am relearning how to do some things and that’s frustrating.  I’ve been working on “articulating my feet.”  If I want to be a ballet dancer and go en pointe, I need to strengthen my legs, ankles, and feet.  I also need to develop a lot more flexibility in my feet, especially to avoid injury.  I tried out for the city’s production of The Nutcracker after taking just two classes at my new studio.  I got a part, so I am really excited.  It’s just a small part.  I’ll probably be on stage a total of five minutes.  I will be a page in Cast B, performing in five of the ten shows.  The pages escort the Sugar Plum Fairy on stage.  And in order to be on stage for those five minutes, I’ll be in rehearsals almost every Saturday from now through show time in December.  But, I know that I have to start somewhere!

School and dance are a big change from what I am used to.  And I don’t like change.  There was no way that I could stay in elementary school forever (unfortunately) and I chose to leave my old studio to pursue dance, especially ballet, in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to if I had stayed.  But, man, oh man, all this change all at the same time has put me in a SALTY MOOD!  My mom reminded me that change is good and it cannot be avoided.  But, I reminded her that while I’m going through it, change sucks.  She found this quote by Helen Keller.  Helen Keller was famous.  She was deaf and blind, but she was still an author and fought for women’s rights.

Helen Keller

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”
– Helen Keller

I’m going to work on getting over my salty mood.  I’m going to turn away from that closed door and walk through the newly opened one.  Has anyone else ever felt like change sucked?  Leave me a comment and tell me about it.