Goodnight Moon

I think I’m getting over my salty mood, at least a little bit.  I’m trying to be brave and face this whole middle school thing.  Last night I stayed up late and this morning I woke up early.  My dad was helping me get ready for today’s Honors Math test.  It’s actually Pre-Algebra and it’s already getting hard.  Sigh……  I’m not the biggest fan of math in the first place.  I also had an English test and a Science test today!  I know……….right?  I’m tired and on top of that I’m catching a cold.  I went to dance tonight, stopped at a deli and got some chicken noodle soup and a sandwich for dinner, and I got in bed.  My mom gave me some cold medicine and made me some green tea with honey.  I decided to write a blog post before I fall asleep.

I was downloading some pictures off of the camera and I found the pictures that we took of the Super Moon back in August.  It looked awesome, so I decided to share it with you.  But, before I do, I am going to say good night because I am sleepy and I am going to go to bed.  When I was little, Goodnight Moon was one of my favorite books.  My grandma would read it to me every day and my mom or my dad would read it to me at night before I went to bed.  It was written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd.

Good night moon Good night moon 2

Good night moon.  Good night everybody.