School Lunch…………………Sigh!

Ever since I’ve been in school, I’ve taken my lunch.  Every.  Single.  Day.  At the beginning of the school year, just like I got new school clothes, new shoes, and a new backpack, I also got a new lunch box.  I preferred lunch bags, the insulated ones.  You won’t be surprised to know that I have had quite a few from Pottery Barn Teen, monogrammed, with my first name on them, and matching my new backpack each year.  Well, this year everything changed.  Here we go again with the change.  I’m in middle school now.  And with middle school comes eating the food in the school cafeteria.  We’ve been talking about it for months now.  My brother told me all about what the food was like when he went to the middle school that I’m in now.  He ate A LOT of pizza.  He still does, even though he’s in high school, but he never complained about it.  When we went to back to school night, one of the things my mom did was put money on my lunch account – $100.00!  That would last me a few months.  Well, this week is the fourth week of school.  And guess what?  I started bringing my lunch.  I know.  I know.  I’m sooooo ashamed.  I was supposed to stick it out.  I’m in middle school after all.  I’m supposed to be eating the food from the cafeteria just like the majority of the kids in my school.  I’m not in elementary school anymore.  Well, all I can say is this.  That cafeteria is a zoo!  I ate pizza every day for three weeks.  Literally.  And I am one of the few kids in the world who isn’t that big a fan of pizza!  Seriously!  Can a girl just get a chicken sandwich?

First of all, the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders go to lunch at different times by grade.  I’m cool with that.  Second of all, the boys and the girls eat separately.  Well, that’s a little weird…but okay.  I can eat without immature boys being around and being gross.  But, then how hard could it be to get to the cafeteria, to get in any lunch line that you want, and to get the lunch you want, if not every day, then at least sometimes?  Well, I’ll tell you how hard it is……….H – A – R – D!!!!!!!!!!  It’s as hard as ever!  Way hard!  Too hard!  Hard like a rock!  Hard like Pre-Algebra!  Hard like drinking milk while trying to stand on your head and sing a Taylor Swift song!  It’s stupid hard!  Crazy hard!  Do you get how hard it is now?  First of all, when we are dismissed for lunch, those girls take off, flying toward the lunch room like they haven’t ever had food before.  And some of those girls are HUGE!  They push and shove you around.  Like why?  I didn’t know we were in a race.  Since when did getting lunch in the cafeteria become a race?  Pu-leaze!  Well, in middle school, apparently getting lunch IS a race.  The pizza line is the longest.  It’s the line me and my friend, Jourden, always end up in.  Every day!  Why, do you ask?  Because we can’t make it to any of the other lines in time to get any other food.  Those other lines close fast.  When they get too many people in them, they just close them.  Close them I said!  Like, what the heck?  So, I just got sick of it.  I told my mom, and she was all like, “Uhhhh, what?  You run to lunch?  Every day?”  And I was all like, “Uhhh yeah, Jourden and I mall walk to lunch.”  That’s right, we MALL WALK!!!  And then my brother got in on the conversation and he was like, “Yep.  The bell goes ding, and people yell, ‘Go, Go, Go!’ and then everybody takes off running!”  He laughed and said, “I remember those days.”  And my mom was wondering why after sending my older sister to that school for three years, and then my brother going there for three years, why in six years nobody told her that lunch was like the 50 yard dash.  Well, I’ll tell you why, mother!  Because until me, nobody in this house ever lost the 50 yard dash!  Ainsley is not a runner, nor shall she ever be.  I am a dancer.  So there!

After that conversation, my mom took me to Wal-Mart and she bought me an updated version of my beloved lunch bag.  It’s a bento box.  Oh, yeah!  And then we found all kinds of awesome food for lunch, like wraps, and grilled chicken and fresh fruit and healthy snacks that don’t taste like cardboard.  And on Monday morning (yesterday), I marched into that school with my brand new bento box.  Jourden said I was a traitor and she didn’t sit next to me at lunch!  Oh, well.  You can’t win them all.  It felt good not eating pizza for lunch the last two days.  Check out my bento box below.  It’s AWESOME!!!!

Bento Box

 This is what I got: Cool Gear EZ-Freeze® Collapsible Bento Box