Rude People!!!

Last week I posted a picture of a sunset for 100 Happy Days on my Instagram account.  One of my “friends” posted a comment on the picture that said, “TBR you got that black girl hair.”  TBR stands for “To Be Real”.  When I saw her comment, it made me sad.  I tried to think of what in the heck she meant by the comment and I wanted to believe that maybe it was a compliment; but deep down inside I knew it wasn’t.  She was being rude – a mean girl.  As a matter fact, I blogged about mean girls back in July and one of the girls that was the inspiration for that post was this same girl who wrote that comment on my Instagram!  I should have known.  So, after thinking about it for a while, I responded to her comment with this:  “Not sure what you mean (insert her Instagram name here).  Also not sure if you’ve noticed all these years, but I AM BLACK!!  What other kind of hair would I have other than ‘that black girl hair?’  What kind of hair do you have?”  Well, she didn’t respond.  She actually deleted her original comment.  Then later on another one of my 100 Happy Days pictures, she apologized.  I’m glad she apologized.  I actually thanked her for apologizing and told her that I wasn’t mad at her.  But, come on!!!  She should never have had to apologize in the first place!  She never should have made the rude comment!  Whatever happened to treating other people like you want to be treated!  If I had been my usual self and said nothing to her, she would have left the comment and never would have apologized.  She was being a bully and here I was hoping that she had changed now that we are in middle school.  My mom encouraged me to respond, respectfully, but to respond and I’m glad that I did.  But her original behavior still makes me sad.  Oh, and I forgot to tell you that she is also a black girl who wears her hair in braids most of the time and most of the hair that she wears isn’t even hers!  She bought it somewhere.  Hair weave, anyone?  I’m not ragging on those who wear fake hair, but if you’re familiar with my blog, I talk about hair A LOT, my hair specifically, but black/African-American hair in general.  And if you are gonna walk around wearing somebody else’s hair, why in the world would you make rude comments about my hair?  Just saying!

Okay, on to another subject.  On Saturday, I went to a dance convention.  I was one of the first people in the ballroom.  It is a huge convention center/hotel ballroom with space in the center to dance (sometimes a stage for the instructor), and chairs all around the walls of the ballroom.  I found a seat that wasn’t taken, put my bag down, and sat in a chair.  I changed my shoes, got warmed up, and went out to the center of the ballroom to find a space to dance.  When I returned between classes to change shoes, I found a group of people sitting in and around the seat that I had picked out and my bag had been thrown in the corner.  What made it worse was that I saw the group sit down when I was out on the ballroom floor dancing and the rude person that tossed my bag into the corner wasn’t a tween dancer like me, but it was an ADULT!!!  And then she sat down in my chair.  Can you say RUDE??  Not only is the room full of dancers, but if you pay an additional fee, parents and dance teachers can sit in on classes as observers and this grown woman plopping her big fanny down in my chair and throwing a little kid’s bag into the corner was an observer and a RUDE one at that!  I told my mom that the next time I got to a dance convention, she has to come into the room and be an observer and protect my bag from rude people.

I think that the girl who posted the mean comment on my Instagram picture IS a mean girl.  She was being rude on purpose and I feel this way because I’ve gone to school with her since kindergarten.  I know her and I have seen her act this way before, towards me and towards others.  I don’t know the woman at the dance convention who threw my bag and took my seat.  All I know is that her actions were rude.  I know that people are different and that just because you are an adult it doesn’t mean that you have the best manners.  It doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person, but it isn’t a good example to set for your kids either.  I wish that everyone would remember to treat others the way they would like to be treated.  Practice good manners – even for the small things, like commenting on someone else’s hair or finding a seat in a crowded ballroom.  The world would be a better place if people were less rude.

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  1. Hello Ainsley, I want to say well done with the way you handled that “rude comment” situation. It is great that you listened to your mom, she must be an awesome person. You are intelligent and have a great future before you! I want to encourage you to continue to see the positive side of things and keep writing. You write well. Have a good one. God Bless

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