Fun with Braids

I have more hairstyles to show you.  After I get my hair flat ironed at the salon, it usually stays pretty straight with little effort for about a week.  Then the first part of my hair to start going frizzy, crinkly, curly is usually around my hairline in the front.  Well, my mom likes to camouflage that part with braids, so you’ll see me wearing different hairstyles where the front/sides of my hair is braided and then incorporated into a ponytail or maybe I wear the rest of my hair down or something.  Sometimes it’s done to hide the fact that my flat ironing is going away and sometimes it’s just to have a cute hairstyle.  Take a look and tell me which ones you like.

DSCF0175 DSCF0170

DSCF0326 DSCF0327

DSCF0322 DSCF0325

DSCF0789 DSCF0792

DSCF0793 DSCF0791

DSCF1981 DSCF1988