It’s time once again for another Judy Blume Book Challenge summary.

Just as Long as We're TogetherTitle:  Just As Long As We’re Together
Author:  Judy Blume
Illustrator:  None

Twelve year old Stephanie Hirsch, her little brother, Bruce, and her mother just moved to a new neighborhood after her dad went to California for business.  Even though she’s living in a new neighborhood Stephanie now gets to live closer to her best friend Rachel Robinson.  Stephanie soon meets a fellow neighbor named Alison Monceau who is the same age as Stephanie and Rachel.  Stephanie and Alison quickly become friends and Stephanie is excited to hear that one of Alison’s adoptive parents is a famous actress.  The girls are entering seventh grade and Rachel is sad that she’s not in any of Stephanie’s classes.  Even though the girls don’t see each other much at school they all still talk about their new crush – ninth grader Jeremy Dragon, dubbed because he wears a dragon jacket.  Stephanie soon finds out Jeremy’s family moved into her old house.  On Halloween they go over to his house dressed as the Weird Sisters from Macbeth.  They sing him this poem and he knows Rachel’s name!  Stephanie then finds out days later that Rachel is in Jeremy’s ninth grade math class.  Rachel didn’t think it was a big deal and she was embarrassed about the whole situation.  Stephanie has Rachel promise to tell her everything.  Stephanie counts the days until her father comes home from California.

When Thanksgiving finally rolls around he tells her that he and her mother are getting a divorce.  On the bright side, her dad is taking her and Bruce to New York.  But when Stephanie hears the news she becomes depressed.  She doesn’t go to New York.  She keeps herself locked in her room and even gains ten whole pounds.  Stephanie doesn’t tell Rachel or Alison about the divorce.  For Christmas Break Stephanie and Bruce go to California to spend time with their dad.  There they meet dad’s lady friend, Iris.  Stephanie acts out when Iris is over and is very disrespectful toward her.  When Stephanie gets back from the trip she is still angry at her father.  Bruce wins a contest and gets to go to Washington D.C.  Stephanie hates having a famous brother.  One day when Stephanie, Rachel, and Alison are all out shopping for the winter dance they see Amber Ackbourne.  There Amber starts talking about the new kid, Max.  Because Stephanie hates Amber she tells her that Max likes Rachel.  Rachel has them all leave the store.  They go into another store and Rachel is rude to Stephanie.  The girls then get into a fight.  Rachel told Stephanie she knew about her parent’s divorce and from then on Stephanie and Rachel stop speaking.  The same day of the dance is Stephanie’s birthday.  She has her first kiss and gets her period.  Alison also got kissed.  Rachel got to dance with Max.  Alison is scared because her mom is pregnant.  Because she is adopted, she is afraid her parents won’t like her as much as they will their own baby.  Alison also gets the flu.  One day Stephanie follows Rachel home.  While they are walking they talk about their fight.  They apologize and are friends again.