Final Judy Blume Book Challenge Summary!!!

Well, I finally made it!  This is my last summary for the Judy Blume Summer Reading Challenge, the summer reading challenge that spilled over into the fall.  But, that’s okay.  If you like Judy Blume’s books as much as I do, then I hope you have enjoyed reading my summaries and felt that they were worth the wait.  My favorite part about her books is that tween girls my age can relate to them.  Her characters could be girls that I go to school with and the situations that happen in her books still happen, even though she wrote these books back in the 1970s and the 1980s.  Like I said before, my mom is actually the one who bought her books for me and she told me that she read them when she was my age, back in the 1980s.  She loved them and wanted me to love them too and I do.  Are there any other Judy Blume fans out there?  Leave me a comment and tell me which book is your favorite.

Here’s to You, Rachel RobinsonTitle:Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson
Author:  Judy Blume
Illustrator:  None

Thirteen year old Rachel Robinson is a straight A student and a musical prodigy.  She excels at playing her flute and she is in all of the advanced classes at her school.  Rachel is good at everything she does.  She has two best friends.  One is named Stephanie Hirsch and the other is named Alison Monceau.  Alison just moved into the neighborhood and with her and Stephanie in the same homeroom Rachel is left out.  Alison and Stephanie become closer and closer.  But Rachel has problems of her own.  Her older brother, Charles, has been expelled from his boarding school in Vermont.  When he comes home the family is ripped apart.  Charles makes everyone feel terrible.  He is disrespectful to the entire family and Rachel just can’t take it anymore.  Her crush on ninth grader, Jeremy Dragon, seems to make everything go away.  Rachel soon changes her mind when she sees Charles’ new tutor, Paul Medeiros.  Rachel soon develops a crush on the college student and seems to forget about Jeremey, Charles, and her friendship problems.  When Paul invites Rachel to a music concert at the University where her father teaches she is thrilled.  Later on Rachel finds out her cousin, Tarren, would be going to the same concert with her boyfriend.  When they get there Rachel is having a great time.  She thinks that she is on a real date.  Then Tarren comes along and is introduced to Paul.  Rachel ends up finding out Tarren’s boyfriend is a married professor.  When Tarren finds out she is devastated.  Paul comforts her the whole night.  Tarren ends up ruining Rachel’s whole night.  Rachel isn’t surprised when she finds out that Paul and Tarren start dating.  But Rachel doesn’t care because after the concert Jeremy Dragon comes over to her house that night and takes her outside.  There he kisses her.  Rachel is so happy!  The next morning when Stephanie calls she tells her the news.  On the last day of school the kids get out very early and Rachel tells Alison and Stephanie about the music camp she would be attending in the summer for six weeks and about Natural Helpers and Challenge – two programs for gifted students which Rachel isn’t sure she’ll even do.