Snow Day, Sick Day


A couple of ducks hanging out in the icy lake near my house..

Hello winter.  I know it’s not officially winter until sometime in December, but the last week has been super cold!  With temperatures in the 30’s since Tuesday and winds up to 30 miles per hour on some days last week, today was the first snowfall of the year!  It started out this morning and continued all day, but it didn’t accumulate very much.  But nonetheless, there’s NO SCHOOL TOMORROW.  SNOW DAY – OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!  And did I mention that it was 80 degrees last Monday?  I know right.  I’m glad I get another day off tomorrow because I came home from school on Wednesday feeling pretty icky.  No fever, just a crazy runny nose.  I went to dance class on Wednesday night and school on Thursday, and a band demonstration for parents and family on Thursday night (we’ll talk about band in my next blog post).  I also went to school on Friday because I had a math test.  But, I stayed home from dance on Friday night, skipped my private dance lesson on Saturday morning and my friend’s birthday party that afternoon.  I only went to my one hour of rehearsal for The Nutcracker yesterday.  It was mandatory.  The rest of the time, I’ve been in bed, blowing my raw, red nose and trying to control the cough I developed.  I have had a ton of medicine and even more chicken noodle soup and hot tea these last few days.  I started feeling better today, so I am thankful for a snow day to give me more time to rest and get well.