Ballet IS a Sport!!

There is a really cool commercial from Under Armour that’s been out a few months now.  It features one of my favorite dancers… Misty Copeland, of course!  The point of the commercial is that ballerinas come in all shapes and sizes and that ballet is a sport.  With all of the jumping, spinning, leaping, and specific technically proficient movements, ballet is the equivalent of a very disciplined sport.  Yes, it takes the grace of an artist, but it also takes the strength of an athlete.  Ballet dancers use so many muscles and spend most of their time on relevé (that means on our toes)!  One of my teachers, Ms. Erica, calls it “beauty controlled” because there is so much discipline in every movement.  If you don’t believe me, just watch the commercial below….Misty rocks!  And if she isn’t an athlete, then there is no such thing!

Ballet……….I will what I want!