Super Sunday

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not really into football, but my dad is. And so is my sister. Actually, she’s a really big University of Oklahoma football fan. Over the last couple of years, her passion for football has gotten bigger. She now follows lots of college and pro teams.  I’ve never asked her who her favorite pro team is.

Even though my sister moved out over a year ago, sometimes she comes over to watch games with my dad.  When she doesn’t, they are constantly texting each other about the plays that are being made.  His phone is always pinging with texts during the games, so they watch them together even when they are apart.

I like Super Bowl Sunday because of a few things: the commercials, the national anthem, half-time show (depending on who’s performing), and of course the food our family has for the game. This year, all of the commercials can be seen on line. I’m not going to link them all because there are so many good ones. I can’t wait to see the Doritos commercials. According to ABC news, the average 30-second Super Bowl commercial can cost as much as $4.5 million. Here’s a couple I like:

This is a Protector and Gamble ad that promotes girl confidence. This ad contrasts the difference between what most people think of as how a girl does things and how girls actually do things. It’s a really great commercial.

“How Great I Am”
This is a Toyota ad about Paralympian Amy Purdy. The ad has a voice over from Muhammad Ali. She does all kinds of activities, including dancing. Amy contracted a form of bacterial meningitis at the age of 19 she had her legs amputated below the knee. She overcame her illness and became a bronze medalist in the 2014 Sochi Paralympic games.

“Lost Dog”
This commercial is about a puppy who gets lost when he gets in a trailer that leaves him in another town. He makes his way back home after a long journey. Once he gets home, the Budweiser clydesdales protect the puppy from a coyote. It’s really cute.

I did a little research and found that the Super Bowl trophy is named after Vince Lombardi. He was the coach of the Green Bay Packers and they won the first two Super Bowls.  He is known as one of the greatest NFL coaches ever. He also coached high school and college football.

lombardi trophy

The Super Bowl pregame show started at noon and my dad started making snacks about that time.  We’ve been eating healthy and unhealthy snacks all day. After Idina Menzel sung the National Anthem, besides watching commercials, I was patiently waiting for Katy Perry to perform.  Both of them performed great.

The game? The score was 14-14 at half time. Once Katy Perry performed, I quit watching the game and watched the other commercials on line.