My Spring Break Staycation

red barn

Hey everybody,

Well, today was my first day back at school after having a week off for Spring Break.  Oh, how I waited and waited for Spring Break, then it finally came and just as quickly it went!  Sigh………  Well, I was glad to have the time off from school and dance.  Some of my friend’s families went out of town last week.  Some just hung around the house and did things like go to the mall.  My parents said that we absolutely would not be going out of town because we were still recovering from our trip to Disney World last summer.  Instead, of a Spring Break vacation, we had a Staycation.  We stayed home, but did a lot of things in our hometown.  Last Sunday, my mom, dad, brother and I went to a breakfast restaurant that we had been wanting to try for a couple of months now – Waffle Champion.  It is owned by the same people who have a really popular food truck in our area called Big Truck Tacos.  The place was full of all different combinations of waffles and it was absolutely packed.  When we got there we were approximately the 20th people in line and behind us were so many people that the line went outside.  My brother and I had the waffles with the buttermilk fried chicken.  They were huge and you eat them like tacos.  It tasted awesome!!

On Tuesday, we went to dinner at a new Italian restaurant called Moni’s Pasta & Pizza.  We had pasta with mussels and marinara sauce, chicken pizza, Caesar salad, and the best bread.  The food was delish!  I tried my dad’s eggplant dish and we had a great time.  On Wednesday, we had takeout Chinese food from The Great Wall.  I really like the chicken lo mein, but the shrimp fried rice and eggrolls are pretty good too.  On Thursday night, my sister took me and my brother to a new place in town called Main Event.  We spent the whole evening there eating and playing video games and winning tickets and trading them in for prizes.  It was absolutely packed, but so much fun.  Between the ropes course, laser quest, and bowling the wait was anywhere from two to three hours, but it was worth it.  In between the time we spent waiting for to be called I learned to play shuffle board.

red barn 2

On Friday, my mom and dad took vacation days from work and took me and my brother to the Famous Round Red Barn in Arcadia, OK.  It’s along Route 66.  Afterwards, we went to Pop’s.  Pop’s is a restaurant along Route 66.  Out front, Pop’s has a 66-foot soda pop bottle.  Inside, Pop’s is a gas station, restaurant, shake shop, gift shop, and convenience store.  But, the best thing about Pop’s is the soda pop, of course!  Pop’s has a record-breaking selection of over 600 ice-cold sodas and beverages.  It has 80 different kinds of root beer and 50 kinds of cream soda.  We bought a dozen different kinds of soda pop before we left, but not before we ate our weight in burgers and french fries and onion rings.  Finally, on Saturday, we went to the movies to see Insurgent, the second movie in the Divergent trilogy.  I wrote book reports about the Divergent series here on my blog.  The movie was pretty true to the book and I liked it a lot – not more than The Huger Games:  Mockingjay, but it was good just the same.

pops  pops soda

I had a very busy week and it was pretty great!  Who needs a vacation when you can take a Staycation in your very own town?