Just Call Me Grandma! It’s All In How You Look at It……………………………

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Today the casting announcement came out for the Oklahoma City Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker!  After the two plus hour audition on Saturday, I didn’t know what to think.  Well, turns out I was cast in the role of the Grandma in the party scene in Act I.  At first, I wasn’t sure about playing Grandma.  Last year, I was a Peppermint Page.  Not a big part, but since I was new to the studio and I had taken all of three classes before the audition, I figured that at least I got a part (though I think they do try to give a part to everybody who tries out).  This year, I thought I’d be cast in what they seemed to cast all the girls in my current level in last year – a party girl.  I would take that.  Then the audition came and I was called back after the audition for my age group to go into the older girls’ audition group, so I was expecting to get a pretty good part.  At least I hoped.  My mom says to “manage your expectations; then you won’t be disappointed.”  If something good comes your way, you’ll be “pleasantly surprised.”  I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised.  When I found out I would be Grandma (sharing the role with a 16-year-old in my group), I thought “What does the Grandma do?  Nobody is going to remember me as the Grandma.  I don’t even remember the Grandma.”  Then I looked at some of the other casting.  I also looked at last year’s program book and lo and behold, two adults shared the role of Grandma.  Then, I started to feel better about the part.  Maybe it was a good part, after all.  When I got to dance class today, the other girls asked me if I was excited to be playing the Grandma.  I told them, I guess so.  Then they said that the Grandma had a solo.  I didn’t remember the Grandma having a solo last year, but I am all about having a solo, even a teensy, tiny solo.


So, from now on, you can just call me Grandma!