Throwback Thursday and Two Days Until the Recital!

I didn’t get home tonight until 8:30 pm. Dress rehearsal ran a little late. Tonight we ran through Show #1. I had a lot of quick changes and I am tired. Tomorrow night is dress rehearsal for Show #2 and looking at the order of dances, I’m going to have even more quick changes! I’m ready for recital on Saturday and then I get two weeks off from dance. It’s been a long year! How about I show you the last of my Throwback Thursday dance photos?

Here are the pictures from last year when I was in fourth grade, the 2012 – 2013 year. I was in a ballet dance to The Cello Song and wore the red tutu. We did a musical theater dance called Ugg-A-Wugg from Disney’s Peter Pan. One of the girls played Peter Pan and another one played Tiger Lily. We had dancers dressed as The Lost Boys and dancers dressed as Indians. Guess which one I played? We did a tap dance to I Want My Mullet Back in jean shorts and plaid shirts. I also had a red fringed flapper dress for a jazz dance to Le Jazz Hot. Finally, I had a similar costume with less fringe for my very first solo. It was a jazz salsa dance to Let’s Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez! Well, it’s time for bed.

I won’t talk to you again until after recital. Wish me luck!

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Happy May Day and More Throwback Thursday Dance Pics!

So, when my grandma came over this morning to cook breakfast and help me and my brother get ready for school, she said “Happy May Day.”  I’ve heard of May Day, but other than knowing that it is May 1st, I have no idea what May Day actually is.  My grandma said that they used to celebrate it when she was young and that they would wrap a May Pole with ribbon.  My mom said that grandma was always talking about May Day when she was younger, but that she never celebrated it at school or anywhere else for that matter.  She didn’t know anything about it either.  So, I did a little Internet research and found a really good article about May Day on The Washington Post’s Kids Page.  Check it out at the link below.

What May Day Is All About

In the meantime, I have some new, or should I say old, dance pictures to show you for Throwback Thursday.  These pictures are of me when I was in third grade in 2011 – 2012.  In the picture where I am wearing the green dress, we performed in a dance called Prehistoric. It was a jazz number to a mix of songs, including Walk the Dinosaur.  In the picture where I am wearing the white shirt and black tie, this was for a hip hop dance called Boy Bands, where we danced to a remix of N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, and New Kids on the Block songs.  We performed a ballet dance to New York State of Mind in the white dress.  We did a tap dance to the song, King of New York, from the Broadway musical, Newsies.  For that dance, we wore a cap, suspenders, and a bow tie.  And finally there is the picture of me doing my Y scale.  That was probably my all-time favorite dance to Devil in a Blue Dress.  It was a jazz number and I am wearing what else, but a blue dress!




Boy Bands




New York State of Mind


Devil in a Blue Dress

Throwback Thursday Change-Up!

Hey everybody!  I’m baaaccckkk!  I still haven’t recovered from spending all day at the Arts Festival on Tuesday – on a field trip singing with the school choir and back to perform with my dance company that night.  At least I got a funnel cake, some Dippin’ Dots, and kettle corn out of the deal!  I had fun and we danced AWESOME!

Well it’s Thursday again and you know what that means.    Actually, I decided to do a Throwback Thursday Change-Up this week. I’ve been posting my old dance pictures, but after we performed and dressed up like characters from Broadway musicals for choir on Tuesday, it got me to thinking about how our music/choir teacher does a play with music in it for every grade every single year (kindergarten through fifth grade). Last year was our best play ever. I had the lead role, of course. Let me set the stage for you………. Last year, when I was in fourth grade, we did a play called the “Granny Awards.” The play is about Granny, who has retired from show business, and she has an awards show where she gives awards to all the best fairy tale characters.  I played Granny and the other kids dressed up like fairy tale characters like The Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, The Three Little Pigs, The Three Little Bears, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Fairy Godmother, and others.  The Best Villain Award went to The Big Bad Wolf.  The play had singing in it.

IMG_0228 croppedIMG_0234cropped








And best of all, we got to make commercials featuring fairy tale characters that the music teacher played during the “awards ceremony.”  Any student who wanted to make a commercial could make one and enter it.  I did a commercial where I played Princess Ainsley, a friend of Rapunzel’s, and what would I be selling in my commercial of course – hair products – Rapunzel hair products!  Rapunzel has a lot of hair.  She has to take good care of it to keep it shiny and long.  My dad filmed the commercial in my bedroom and I even got to do the Harlem Shake.  So, for this Throwback Thursday post I am changing things up – dance is out for this week and the Granny Awards are in!  Check out my commercial below.

Throwback Photos of the Week

Wow! Is it Thursday again? A week goes by so fast. Continuing my Thursday trend, take a look at my second grade dance pics from the 2010 – 2011 school year. This was my first year with my dance studio’s Company and the year I went to my first dance competition. Our competition dance was a jazz number to the song Love Shack – another song that my mom said came out when she was in high school. Apparently, EVERYTHING happened when my mom was in high school! We wore red for Love Shack. The blue costume was for a tap dance to Yankee Doodle Dandy and the ivory and black was for our ballet dance called Spring Ballet to a song from Coppelia. I’m starting to look more like myself in these pictures. Enjoy!

image0_0001 Listen to Love Shack by the B-52’s: