Me and My I-Phone 5s

iphone 5sTwo days ago, my parents bought me a cell phone – my very first cell phone.  It’s an I-Phone 5s!  And I’m so happy!  My birthday is in a little over two weeks, so it’s an early birthday present.  I found out on Monday at school that on Thursday it would be Electronics Day.  They were having a fundraiser to support the cancer drive.  If you wanted to be able to use an electronic device at school, all you had to do was pay a dollar and it would be donated to cancer research.  We had Electronics Day when I was in elementary school too, but I always brought my Kindle.  I’m in middle school now.  And EVERYBODY in middle school has a cell phone.  My parents always said that they would get me my own cell phone when I was twelve or thirteen.  I actually wasn’t really interested in getting a cell phone until recently.  I just got my own Instagram account back in June.  I originally signed up so that I could do the 100 Happy Days Challenge.  I used my mom and my dad’s phones all summer long to post to Instagram.  I think it was getting really old for them.

Once school started, kids started following me on Instagram and I started following other kids too.  That’s when I really knew that me using my parent’s phones was getting old for them.  And then I started to want a phone of my own.  Once I found out about Electronics Day, I knew I had to get one.  So, I waited until Tuesday morning at 6:45 a.m.  I was sitting on the couch in the den watching Monday night’s episode of The Voice that I recorded on the DVR the night before.  I was all ready for my dad to drop me off at school and my mom was in the shower.  So, I pulled out my Kindle and sent my mom an e-mail asking her if I could get a phone in the next two days, in time to take it to Electronics Day on Thursday.  Well, the rest is history folks!  My parents are very good to me.  My dad has an I-Phone.  My sister has an I-Phone.  My brother has an I-Phone.  My mom has an LG Android phone.  She always has to be different!  Well, most of the kids at school seem to have I-Phones too.  So……..I decided that I wanted an I-Phone as well.  I wanted the newest one that I could get my hands on in the next two days and that was the 5s.  Actually, the I-Phone 6 was released just two weeks ago, but we would have had to pre-order it and it would take two weeks to arrive.  I said Awww Heck Naw!  I need that phone by Thursday, so the I-Phone 5s it was!  We went on Tuesday night after dance to look at phones.  I picked out a white one.  My parents brought it home to me on Wednesday.  My brother helped me set it up that night and I put a picture of it on Instagram so all my friends could see it.  On Thursday morning I took it to school with me.  It has a black case for now, until I find one I really like.  Armed with a one dollar bill, my new I-Phone 5s, and my earbuds, Thursday was awesome! Between assignments, I texted my mom at work and looked at pictures on Instagram and searched the Internet and listened to music.  I can’t wait until the next Electronics Day!

100 Happy Days

Gandhi Happiness Quote

Fourteen weeks ago I started the 100 Happy Days Challenge.  Yesterday, I finished it.  The goal was to record something that makes you happy each and every day for 100 days in a row.  I did the challenge on my Instagram account and I am happy to say that I never missed a single day.  The point of the Challenge is to show people how to enjoy the little things in life, because in the world we live in, most people forget to do that.  I took pictures of everything from an origami swan that I made to new shoes to food that I ate to my dog, Ziggy.  I shared pictures of me with characters from our trip to Disney World, the audition flyer for the Nutcracker, and a picture of me on the first day of school.  It made me appreciate my life and to be grateful for all the little things that make me happy.  If you haven’t heard of the 100 Happy Days Challenge, you can read about it right here  Try it, you’ll feel much happier.