Outfit of the Day

Looking swaggy again today!  Preppy with my button down pin-striped shirt and Bermuda shorts, girly with the pops of color (especially the pink), and rocking a super cute outfit for back to school!

DSCF4339b   DSCF4321c

DSCF4333c     DSCF4317c

Apt. 9® Structured Shirt in Pink Stripe– Kohl’s
Apt. 9® Solid Bermuda Shorts in Hypnotic Blue – Kohl’s
Joe’s Jeans Women’s Kitty III Ballet Flat in Crimson Red – Amazon
Merona Mini Backpack in Pink – Target

Outfit of the Day

My Michelle Big Girls’ Geo Pattern Cap Sleeve Dress with Necklace from Amazon.com.

Michelle Big Girls Geo Pattern Cap Sleeve Dress                             DSCF0642
I paired mine with my hot pink cropped cardigan sweater from Children’s Place.

DSCF2523b DSCF2537b
It’s winter and pretty chilly, so I paired it with black opaque tights and my black bow flats.




New Year’s Eve, Adventures in the Asian District, and Ziggy Tales

It’s New Year’s Eve!  Almost time to start putting away the Christmas decorations until next year.  I wish I didn’t have to say good-bye to my collection of nutcrackers though.  Today’s the last day of 2014 and all in all it’s been a pretty great year!  It was my last year of elementary school.  My family went on vacation to New Orleans and Disney World.  So awesome!  I started the dreaded middle school and it hasn’t been that bad.  I turned twelve.  I changed dance schools and I got a part in the ballet company’s production of The Nutcracker.  I am excited about 2015 and all the good things to come.


Well, ever since we went to Epcot at Disney World this summer, I have been interested in Asian snacks, mostly Japanese snacks.  I asked for a lot of different Japanese candies that I saw on Amazon for Christmas and my sister, Ashley, bought me a bunch of it for my present.  Some of it was good, like the green tea Kit Kats.  They taste just like the green tea lattes that my mom gets from Starbucks.  Yum!  Some of it was meh.  But, it just made me want to try more of it. Have you ever had dried seaweed or shrimp crackers?  What about dried squid?  So, ever since last week, I’ve been begging my parents to take me to a couple of grocery stores in the Asian District of the city where we live.  Today, my mom worked half a day and when she got home, my mom and dad took my brother and me to get some candy.  We didn’t spend very much money at all, but we got a lot of stuff, and I found more Kit Kats. I also realized that I could read the ingredient and nutrition labels because they are in English!

FullSizeRender IMG_1673


Finally, I wanted to tell you about Ziggy.  He’s been quite a good dog since I’ve been sick.  He’s even taken to sleeping at the foot of my bed.  I think he was being extra nice to me because he knew I had the flu.  Well, the other morning when I was still out of it from being sick, I went to feed him his breakfast.  He eats Cesar dog food.  I took it out of the can, plopped it in his bowl, and went back to bed.  Pretty soon, I heard dad calling me.  He sounded mad.  Oops!  I forgot to break up Ziggy’s food.  So, he picked up the entire square shaped, wet dog food, put it in his mouth like a sandwich, and proceeded to take it over to the carpet to chew pieces off of it.  Dad was mad about the dog food grease that Ziggy got on the carpet.  So there goes another one of Ziggy’s Tales.  The moral of the story is:  remember to break up the dog’s food or he’ll think it’s a burrito and carry it away from his bowl.


Happy New Year everybody!

Happy Birthday to Me!



Happy birthday to me!  Happy birthday to me!  Today I celebrated my 12th birthday at home with my family.  Today isn’t actually my birthday.  It isn’t until Tuesday, but we celebrated today because my brother and I both have activities after school on Tuesday.  I have dance and he has band, which doesn’t leave us enough time to have a birthday dinner at home on my real birthday, celebrating ME!!!  I got to pick what I wanted for dinner, so I chose pork spare ribs, mashed potatoes, and sautéed cabbage and it was delicious.  I had a white – white chocolate cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  I got an I-phone 5s as an early birthday present a couple of weeks ago.  Today, my big sister bought me some Ugg boots with a bow on the back.  My parents got me an Arch Genie to help me stretch my feet to prepare for pointe shoes in ballet, as well as dance booties to keep my feet warm in the dance studio.  My brother gave me a big ol’ bag of gum and candy. And I also got a stuffed cow that I put in my mom’s Amazon cart back in the summer.  It is so cute!  Finally, my grandmas both gave me money.  My birthday was awesome!  I am looking forward to life this year as a twelve year old and anticipating all the great things ahead!  And of course, I’ll be sharing it all with you on my blog, so stay tuned…………………..

More Hanna Andersson Dresses !

You know how I love my Hanna Andersson dresses!  But remember a while back when I said if you find an outfit that works for you, you should buy it in more than one color.  Well, that’s what my mom did again.  I also have the same dress in pink.  I wore it during the first week of school and blogged about it a few weeks ago.  Here it is again in two other colors.  When the weather gets colder, I plan to wear it with a long sleeved t-shirt or turtle neck underneath (maybe in a color that matches the color of the bow on each dress) and I can keep on my leggings and wear boots or I can wear jeans underneath.  Stay tuned to see all the cute outfits I make using this versatile dress.

Dress: Take a Bow Dress in Happy Green and NavyHanna Andersson
Leggings: Knit Leggings in White – Justice
Shoes: Keds Women’s Champion Seasonal Solid Oxford in Bright Green and Keds Women’s Champion Eyelet Fashion Sneaker in Navy Amazon.com

DSCF1967  DSCF1973


DSCF2025  DSCF2023