Love That Hanna Andersson!

So, if you’ve been following my blog you know by now that I really like Hanna Andersson. I have several of their dresses. They are super cute and whether you are a girly-girl or a tomboy, you can dress them up or dress them down. And at least where I live, Hanna Andersson is a catalog/Internet store. They are not in the mall, so if your mom orders you clothes from there, then they will be different than some of the clothes you see other girls wearing. I am at the top size range that they sell, so it’s almost time for me to say good-bye to my beloved Hanna Andersson. Soon I’m going to have to find a new store to get my cute dresses from. I like Hanna Andersson because they have stylish clothes that aren’t too fussy. They are colorful and simple and aren’t too grown up yet. Everybody at school complements me on the clothes that I get from there. And they aren’t too expensive. I see that a lot of the fashion blogs focus on expensive designer clothes, which are really pretty, but I’m pretty sure that my mom isn’t going to buy me any clothes from Chanel, even if that’s my middle name. And I am also pretty sure that I wouldn’t want to wear those designer clothes to school because I’m eleven. And when you’re eleven, you have to go to P.E. And when you have to go to P.E., you have to play dodge ball even though you hate it. And the P.E. teacher doesn’t care if I’m wearing clothes that are designer and expensive. So, now that that’s settled, I’d recommend that you take a look at Hanna Andersson. The pictures in today’s blog show one of my favorite Hanna Andersson dresses worn in three different ways. I like it so much that I got it in three colors! You can change up the look of the dress by wearing different accessories – like barrettes, headbands, earrings, necklaces, t-shirts, leggings, and shoes.

IMG_1057  IMG_1059

Hanna Andersson Ruffle Love Dress in Rainforest, paired with White Leggings and CL By Laundry Good Chance Flats in Nude and Black


Hanna Andersson Ruffle Love Dress in Grape Juice, paired with Copper Key Long Sleeve T-Shirt in White, White Leggings, and CL By Laundry Great Life Organza Silk Flats in Black


Hanna Andersson Ruffle Love Dress in Artifact Grey, paired with Copper Key Long Sleeve T-Shirt in Black, Black Leggings with Silver Polka Dots, and CL By Laundry Great Life Organza Silk Flats in Silver