Outfit of the Day – Dresses and Leggings and Flats, Oh My!

IMG_1075 IMG_1074

Here I am wearing a Hanna Andersson Fizzie black ruffled dress (The ruffles have that ombre thing going on, just in reverse.), D-Signed hot pink leggings with black lace overlay from Target, and my CL By Laundry Great Life Organza Silk black bow flats from the Shoe Gallery. This outfit makes me happy. I think it’s super cute!

Let’s Talk About Clothes………….

I like clothes! Some of the kids at school call me a “girly-girl.” I think they say it to annoy me, like they are making fun of me or something. But whenever they say it, I’m like “And…………I AM a girly-girl and proud of it!” Lots of girls are girly-girls. I’m not the only one. And why does it matter anyway? I like clothes. I like to dress up and I like to look cute. But, I like a lot of other things too. My blog site does say that I am a Bookworm, Arts & Crafts Fanatic and a Dancing Diva, but I am also a FASHIONISTA! Some of my favorite clothes to wear are dresses and leggings. You can dress them up or wear them casual and I have a lot of dresses and a lot of leggings! One of my favorite places to get dresses is the catalog Hanna Andersson. Check out one of their dresses below!

Hide and seek dress 4 Hide and seek dress 3

Dress:  Hide and Seek Dress in Navy – Hanna Andersson

Leggings:  Target (old)

Shoes:  Croft & Barrow Flats – Kohl’s (old)




I really love this dress because it actually has a hidden pattern of little foxes all over it. I didn’t even notice them until about the third time I wore it. I showed my mom and she hadn’t noticed it either. Anyway, my advice of the day is – whether you are a girly-girl or a tom boy, embrace it and keep reading my blog so you can see how I rock my girly-girl style! Good night!