Sunday Afternoon in the Sooner Nation

Today, my brother went to take a saxophone lesson from a professor at the University of Oklahoma. Since it was the first time he went, we decided to make a family trip out of it.  My mother, sister, and oldest brother all went to OU. Once we met the professor and he started the lesson, my mom, dad and I took off to explore the campus.  My mom showed me where she took most of her classes. As she talked about the buildings, I could hear how proud she was to be a graduate of OU.  We also saw a number of new buildings that were not there when she attended. According to her, students have classes in buildings all over campus.  I find that interesting because that means that one class could be way across campus. That concept is foreign to me since I’m just getting used to middle school and changing classes in the same building and doing it in the 5 minutes that they allow us between classes! I can’t image having to go clear across campus to another class! We also got to see where she lived when she was a student. Most of the businesses around her old housing had changed. She liked all of the campus changes because it makes the campus more integrated. I took a few quick photos…

DSCF2462George Lynn Cross, was the president of the University of Oklahoma for twenty five years. He oversaw the expansion of OU and guided it through integration. He has a building named after him on campus.


The campus is divided along the North and South Ovals. Here’s a couple of buildings on the North Oval.


The campus is also known for these working British telephone booths brought to the campus by the current President, David Boren.  I looked but couldn’t find a cell phone in that one!

DSCF2467                                                     DSCF2470

I’m sure you can guess which buildings these sculptures are in front of?  The art building and museum, of course.

The Catlett Music Center is where my brother took his sax lesson. There were lots of students playing in different rooms throughout the building when we looked around. Music was definitely in the air. My brother liked his lesson so it looks like he’ll be spending a lot of time in the Catlett Center.